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Singapore studies abroad " 4 be afraid of greatly "
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Had had Singapore to study abroad the person of idea, affirmative meeting many sided understands the situation of Singapore, major metropolis knows case of charge, state, have what demand, but what is what without understanding Singapore studies abroad to worry most, most what is those who be afraid of. Knew good one side, know the one side that need avoids again, such ability are met ground of win victory without battle is finished study abroad this formidable task!

The first " be afraid of " -- false record of formal schooling

Because go the student day of Singapore profit increase, to increase the successful odds of visa, school of a lot of ability or the student of the technical secondary school wants to buy a diploma to apply for, these students are with Wu labour is main purpose, because this is in,the record of Singapore is not especially other good, black in Singapore more. Singapore emigrates to rise Singaporean member quality rate, strengthen to material undertake examine and verify! A lot of do not accord with the student of afore-mentioned conditions before, go to to achieve new the purpose that study abroad, not hesitate forge false record of formal schooling, false proof. By fish hind, lost not only go to new opportunity, still lost a face to the brethren. Now, singapore immigrant hall established group of attestation of record of formal schooling technically, they are the employee of Chinese book entirely, the record of formal schooling that meets pair of students undertakes be checkupped strictly, accordingly no matter be record of formal schooling of what circumstance, what, the hope does not want those who undertake false record of formal schooling to make, such meetings are permanent cannot enter Singapore with the situation that study abroad.

The 2nd " be afraid of " -- graduation fixed number of years is long

Study abroad according to ours experience, although Singapore is Asian country inside not quite the country of requirement graduation fixed number of year, but to graduating the student with year of longer number, examine and verify of Singapore immigrant hall rises still is very strict. Once we have a student, ability school graduates, 25 years old, have 7-8 year working experience, and be in school the major that reads and place application major not agree with, the first time submit data, by refus, choose bay time later, the refus that offerred additional application material according to emigrant hall signs reason, we undertook strict examine and verify to the student's material, offerred the proof that retains government service, and offerred the proof of the job and income, offer duty sheet, application succeeds after. Appeal is after Singapore refus is signed the success is not especially other and easy, the student with graduation so longer fixed number of year can consider to be made up for with the experience of a few take lessons after school, the course with the three-year institution of higher learning that teachs by correspondence for example and old night, perhaps apply for technical content to compare high courses, especially the profession teachs course, for example ACCA, singapore is a country that pays attention to professional education, the probability that applies for a success so will be very high.
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