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Malaysia Normal University is opposite first China recruit students (national un
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Malaysia Sudan depends on De Lisi Normal University UPSI

Malaysia Sudan depends on De Lisi Normal University (abbreviation Normal University) predecessor is thunder city Sudan Yidelisima comes to division model institute, held water on May 1, 1997. This university is Malaysia throughout the country's only government normal school kind university. At the beginning of the university founds, have 350 students only, 29 teachers, 6 administrator. Current, through the development of 10 one's remaining years, already passed in school student 10 thousand, developed large quantities of teacher person with abilities for Malaysia.

The course of the Normal University besides with normal school education is curricular creed, also cater to a times to develop a tendency at the same time, emphasize a student to be in the education of the respect such as several manage, science, craft, literature, art.

The curriculum of the Normal University is made 4 years normally, (8 semester) , the student can be lengthened at most finish to 6 years.

University dominant position

1, national university, tuitional and cheap, average and annual 12000 RMBs

2, the university unites arrangement accommodation, fare is low, average and annual 2000-3000 RMB

3, the university offers English course, can give not elegant the chance of student enter a school that think

4, the university faces Chinese market to recruit a student studying abroad first, have first-rate language environment and study atmosphere

Tuitional: 4 years total tuition is left and right sides of 24000 horses money, it is about annual 12000 RMBs

Accommodation cost: Each 500 horses money controls every term, annual 2 semester

English is tuitional: Wait for calm

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