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English country studies abroad close recipe to be searched greatly
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Application closes

[Australia] the force that uses short-term visa experience to study abroad

"Change the biggest still is risk grade reduces visa this year, this can make a student organic can be below the circumstance of relatively low cost, go trying oneself to get used to a circumstance to what study abroad. " educational adviser tells a reporter, among them one is the student can be not being offerred elegant below the case that considers success, go to bay read short-term language courses. Such a few want to study abroad but the student that is afraid that oneself cannot suit again, can experience first. At present 10 weeks short-term course living cost and tuitional price are in 30 thousand RMB, 40 weeks (be equivalent to 1 year) expense is in 100 thousand RMB. If read undergraduate course, expense of a year is in 17 -- 180 thousand between, under photograph comparing, the cost of this kind of course also is on the low side. Some work at ordinary times busy in also can joining this study rank without the white-collar that time learns a language for a long time. It is reported, at present in wisdom study abroad the first batch of students that join this project will embark on a journey November. "This also can see, the student is new to studying abroad politics what attention spends is tall, of response rate fast. Of response rate fast..

The change of additionally one kind of visa basically was to reduce the language result that reads preparatory, the requirement was reduced from 5 original minutes now 4.5 minutes, this is not very good student to achievement of a few exams it is a very good message. Reduced the economy that studies kind of Master and doctor to assure at the same time requirement. Although the risk was reduced, but tall also to the preparative requirement of visa material, the student needs to provide backdrop of more complete record of formal schooling. Expert analysis says, "Of this kind of policy changing is a very good signal, explain the development of Chinese economy society has been approbated by other country institute, believe to will learn survival to be able to the news with a lot of good profit comes out to China henceforth. Believe to will learn survival to be able to the news with a lot of good profit comes out to China henceforth..

To a lot of families that are in shrink of the asset below economic crisis, it is a bit difficult to take out a lot of cashes to prepare to study abroad at a draught. At present Australia can provide bail loan, alleviated so of the family temporarily tired. "Can say this helped sb to fulfill his wishes instead one batch goes originally the student that other country studies abroad got lost Australia, because not be,every country can provide this kind of loan.

[the United States] contend for grab quota of people to urge short application time

"The visa policy of American near future is very loose, visa percent of pass can say to be in studying abroad is a very high proportion in the country. " study abroad the expert says, and the doorsill of recruit students is being reduced. It is very difficult that the high school 34 years ago gives birth to undergraduate course of application United States, but the visa that undergraduate course admits now extends rate is very high. "A problem that the increase that files a number poses files time namely shorten. " this is not to say American school shifted to an earlier date to end time, however student anticipate was over quota of people. Because quota of people arrives to be gotten first first, once gave out, although apply for again,also did not use. So the school has end the time of application, but student ten million cannot think to apply for before this time, resemble will returning known specified number every year before Feburary, arrive now this time is early did not have. "Although the number of application is to increase, but the difficulty that applies for a school is to increase however. " because outstanding student is increasing, the person that exam of TOEFL, SAT is divided high is increasing also. Other outstanding schools are opposite for difficulty is in instead drop.
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