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Study abroad England lives daily small doohickey
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The student that has tens of thousands of every year study abroad the state that target lock has history of powerful Ou Luoba and amorous feelings this piece in Ying Lun surely. All the time since, england with high quality education quality celebrated, but its leave tuition to use as much exceedingly tall. Here, recommend a few small doohickey about vivid be economical of British student studying abroad.

1, tuition is handed in early. Tuition is handed in early, and one-time clear can get taller discount. Different of course school, in this respect have certain difference. Occasionally, one-time make a money, can return 2000 much pound. This can be expenses of living of very big brushstroke.

2, the network shops. Be in England, the network shops or compare safety and quick. To electric subclass product, can check check Ebuyer, currys, comet, wait for the website of a few inn, above east east it is very lovely, still can have unexpected results occasionally. As to Ebay, seem to the friend is in with, but did not listen to them to say very good with, it is somebody instead above bought a flaw to taste, if you prepare to buy,compare big article so, suggest to choose cautiously.

3, have a thing. Although lead an idle life, it is very easy and comfortable. But want to know, be in abroad, artificial cost is quite tall. And the taste with Chinese student, the foreigner's thing, now and then taste, you can feel not to have taste. But those food that eat a foreigner everyday, may not of your intestines and stomach can be canned bear. If the proposal has time, still be oneself are moved start work. It is experience of a kind of life not only, and also can be economical. Be in England, have 3 bigger chain supermarkets, saninbury, tesco, asda. These 3 supermarkets, do not have very big difference actually. But if you buy the pork, the proposal goes Sainbury, although the flesh of its home can be compared other two wife and children are expensive, but quality is good really. As to other commodity, can go Tesco is bought. Although Asda price is a bit cheaper than Tesco, but Tesco has member card, and have more privilege. In addition, still have a yuan of a few store, a few dot, can be cleaned out actually.