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Leave knowledge to answer: It what phase goes to the United States reading is be
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Ask: Go to the United States reading, what phase is better?

Answer: If you are graduate of junior high school, tall perhaps one, the student that second year in high school is reading, can consider completely to go to the United States reading high school in this moment. Considering in the future the education of undergraduate course phase, if want to enter the United States' relatively outstanding renown school, can apply for again after the education that accepts American high school, it is relatively easy to be met a lot of. Accordingly, the classmate that pounds school of name of American undergraduate course in the future to the plan will tell, the consideration heads for the United States to study abroad in high school phase is an idealer shortcut.

Ask: I undergraduate course is being read now, GPA is inferior, still also do not have TOEFL, GRE or GMAT achievement, does such case go the United States reading a graduate student without method?

Answer: Not be of course. The United States also has a few normal universities to be able to consider for you. Apply for American graduate student, above a few conditions are a kind of reference merely, not be all payoff. Before because whether always assess receives you,can waiting for each respect according to latent capacity of your integrated quality, development, the school comes to the graduate student of chrestomathy school, and be decided not just by language achievement. Going up through understanding the basis of oneself advantage comprehensive to his analysis, adequately, undertake be packed reasonably and applying for, go to the United States reading grinding can come true absolutely.

Ask: Study abroad to Ireland what major is good?

Answer: Regard the whole world as the first rich nation of one of countries of 6 big pure English, Europe, ireland has study abroad incomparably advantage: Degree diploma whole world is approbated, tuition and living cost are low, visa rate is high, obtain employment perspective is wide wait. Study abroad Ireland, chasing after major of the division that boost business, computer, IT, project, finance while, might as well the new point of growth that pays close attention to Irish economy -- , travel hotel industry. Institute of government of hotel of sweet you of institute of subordinate of Irish state-maintaineding university is field of Irish hotel management " Tsinghua " " Beijing University " . Academic certificate is issued by national university, be run association at the same time by international hotel association and British hotel double attestation. The hotel industry that the school returns lengthen of ginseng of special arrangement student to amount to 2 years takes firewood to jackaroo, exercitation place includes to be fond of will ascend big public house, Hilton the hotel of 5 stars class such as the hotel, pay is more considerable also.

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