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Why to go does France study abroad?
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The special training course with rich 1.

France has very rich higher education resource. Education parts to assume by integrated education orgnaization and professional education orgnaization:

- much discipline is omnibus university (science - economy - law - medicine - literature is waited a moment)

- engineer institute

- business school

- academy: Artistic, building, news, medicine learns, language, the technology is waited a moment

In France, the student can choose to review in suitable territory or professional middle school according to his expectation, national diploma or national approbatory can get after finish school other diploma.

2. education quality

French science studies the level is in world banner standing. Innovating and research a field, patent applies for the 4th to be in the world. Gao Shuiping's France teachs the lab that belongs to for a long time in its to undertake science studies, ensured the level of French higher education. Below this kind of setting, france also encourages the international communication of researcher, be in every year especially the combines research and new project development between China and France.

5 the famousest commerce mix France management kind the pop chart that advanced and professional institute is included 10 Europe's best Master college. (financial times was ranked on September 17, 2007)

3. enterprise is teaching the investment of the respect

A characteristic of system of French higher education is the connection between the stimulative school of utmost and enterprise. Not only engineer school and business school are such, and omnibus university also passes major model undergraduate course and Master course are contacted increasingly with the enterprise.

The exercitation has been blended in in college courses, supplement each other with academic knowledge. The knows a business actual condition that the exercitation makes a student better, so that decide the professional way in the future at making.

Business side, enterprise of a lot of France offers fellowship to help foreign student learn in France for the student, for example: Thales Academia project.

4. China admits French diploma and degree

French government and China and signed each other of a diploma to identify an agreement in November 2007, the student's diploma can be approbated by China and European employer, perhaps continue to gain the diploma of more advanced course in each other country.

– of – of Licence= undergraduate course Master Master= Dr. Doctorat=

5. is helpful for the governmental policy of foreign student

Because French government is teaching the high investment of the respect, go the charge that France studies abroad under other developed country. Chinese student can resemble other governmental subsidy is enjoyed like the foreign student that is admitted. The tuition with foreign student and French student same pay.
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