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Go to the United States reading the preparation before high school
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Apply for the exam preparation before: It is TOEFL, can take an examination of first in home, also can go to the United States to be taken an examination of again; 2 it is SSAT, a kind of integrated knowledge that is aimed at American native land student takes an exam, can involve English the word beyond 22000 commonly used vocabularies, and make to each respect such as logistic, history, religion, environmental protection make an on-the-spot investigation, have certain difficulty. SSAT must be taken an examination of first before applying for the school.

How to differentiate academic school: Generally speaking, student number is in 250 ~ 300, teacher and student scale make an appointment with 1: 6 or 1: 7, return those who have 1/3 in residence to instruct a worker, the rank is before complete beauty the school of 250 is good school.

The condition of successful application: Student union pays attention to an exam quite, actually school square not certain value result most. Eliminate excellent however economy requirement, the commment of the expression when student interview and teacher is main influencing factor. The vocabulary with strange high school is finite, cannot explain an abstruse sentence, but should make full use of only the vocabulary of place control is clear about meaning expression went.

The condition that is signed easily by refus: Oneself had been signed by refus; Its parents once had been signed by refus; Of application is little known school, it is lingustic school only even; Visa official is bad to your intuition. Once visa official collects data on the spot,walk along a specification to catch a lot smoothly. When visa, need has taken a visa to apply for school of license of form, enter a school, admission notice, the other side to open the 100 dollars that give to sign up the receipt of cost, certificate fee, tuition.

The pin money with unripe high school: No matter native land student still is foreign nationality student, american middle school is spent to pin money forehead make identical provision. Every student has 3 Zhang number: Capture is tuitional pin money is special, special, go out special. Although the parent is hit into again much money in account, the school stipulates every week can take out every student only the pin money that 25 dollars fluctuate, namely 100 dollars control a month. If have,go out wait for special situation, need to just can relax by the proof the forehead is spent.