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New Zealand fastest growing student visa 30 days
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Study in New Zealand is relatively low threshold, education rigorous, liberal immigration policy, visa convenience and other advantages, has attracted more and more people's attention. New Zealand's fastest run student visa 30 days New Zealand's relatively cheap tuition fees, visa application without IELTS, has always attracted the pursuit of quality education, students of immigrant intent, particularly by the working families of all ages; in the last two months, many families that college entrance examination, only the fastest visa for New Zealand takes 30 days, even if the college entrance examination preparation only after the fall school students also had time, a larger proportion of Candidates for the family. " Candidates for the forthcoming high, the current high school graduation certificate or just proof reading, three years of high school transcripts, test scores can be related to the language of applications. If you intend to visit New Zealand, but there is no IELTS, then go to New Zealand in October read language courses for three months, in February next year direct entry to core subjects. "If you think that now apply a hurry, you can use the time in the country are now learning the language, to the October or so and then began to apply to study in New Zealand, New Zealand, next February to school." Year study in New Zealand about 14 million -15 million yuan New Zealand's only eight public universities, including the world's top hundred at the University of Auckland, engineering, "dominate the field," the University of Canterbury and New Zealand's oldest University of Otago. There are many advantages of New Zealand professional, the University of Auckland's most famous specialty is medicine and the humanities major, Auckland University of Technology is a strong design and hotel management expertise, strong professional Massey University is in business, humanities and aerospace professionals, as well as Lincoln University in ecological and land resources is very good, and in agriculture and agricultural science, biological protection technology, horticulture, viticulture and wine making, environmental management and landscape areas such as world-renowned architectural design. For now, the total cost of college year, only about 14 million -15 million yuan. At least compared to the costs of studying abroad more than 20 million yuan to be part of Europe and the United States, the annual savings 40,000 -5 million yuan.