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Study in New Zealand immigration policy is good the increasing number of Chin
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Study in New Zealand immigration policy is good, the increasing number of Chinese students. Costs of studying abroad a number of Commonwealth countries begin to decline, New Zealand students to study popular countries have entered the era of working, a good educational environment and open immigration policy of New Zealand become the first choice for many domestic students studying abroad the country. Reporter learned from the Education Network of New Zealand, New Zealand to address labor market shortages, the New Zealand Government will take a lot of measures to relax immigration points difficult. Senior Education Network of New Zealand to study, experts say, "If students did not meet immigration points after graduation, but also through work experience in New Zealand increased migration points the way for international students who want to emigrate to New Zealand more opportunities." The number of Chinese students studying in New Zealand is increasing every year According to reports, in recent years, more and more Chinese students willing to study in New Zealand, the annual growth rate of about 20%. Up to now, registered in New Zealand schools are about 25,000 Chinese students. New Zealand's international education income equivalent to about a quarter of the country's tourism foreign exchange earnings, the future study of New Zealand export industry will remain an important source of income. New Zealand is committed to developing the national economy, and ready to plan a better, more flexible and convenient study abroad, immigration policy, while New Zealand has increased investment in education, in order to attract more overseas students to study in New Zealand studies. More than 60% of New Zealand university is ranked the list of the world's top 500 universities New Zealand followed the British system of quality education, the two countries in education has a special origin. For example, the current president of the British Oxford University University of Auckland, New Zealand, the former president, and known to the world of engineering in New Zealand University of Canterbury is a scholar from the University of Oxford founded. Joint Institute of New Zealand employment rate of students is also very good. In New Zealand, 60% of the university among the world's top 500 universities list. Eight hundred public universities include University of Auckland in the world, New Zealand's oldest University of Otago, Auckland University of Technology and Engineering famous. These schools can provide students with the world business, computer, art, medical, construction, education, engineering and other professional undergraduate and postgraduate courses. In addition, some of the National Institute of Employment in New Zealand is also quite good, such as the National Joint Institute of Technology. Trend of New Zealand into a high school Education Network of New Zealand, according to experts said senior study, now more and more choice in New Zealand high school students, this will not only help students lay a solid foundation for English proficiency, and students can attend college in the future of New Zealand access to a powerful competitive advantage . New Zealand high school in the whole application process is not complicated, students can log on New Zealand Education Network New Zealand for more details or consult the teacher education network. Immigration Policy and create opportunities for international students Since the devaluation of the currency of New Zealand, now attending the University of Auckland to New Zealand, Auckland University of Technology, the world elite, the cost plummets. Looking back, undergraduate tuition cheaper than in the past more than 10 million yuan. In addition, New Zealand has maintained a low unemployment rate, to address labor market shortages, the New Zealand Government will take a lot of measures to relax immigration points difficult. After graduation if the student did not meet immigration points, you can also work experience in New Zealand by way of increased migration scores of students who want to immigrate to New Zealand has brought more opportunities.