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Detailed study loans and study in New Zealand the difference between the Speci
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New Zealand Immigration Service have launched a study loan and study in a special account, the applicant should choose which way to provide security as its studying it? Which form is more conducive to the visa under the sign it? Here we look at the similarities and differences between these two forms: Educational Loan Duration of study: 12 months Bank: China CITIC Bank :30-3-6 years 60 million, secured by: bank deposits. Bank of China: 20 million or more, 1-6 years, mortgage means (bank deposits, may sell assets, third-party guarantee) to pay high interest on loans, money lent under the sign discretionary. Requirements: learning and higher degree programs require 30 million; learn the language, preparatory and follow-up to 50-60 million. Repayment: learning to complete their studies or termination of open immigration proved to early repayment. * Chinese students went to study in New Zealand, you need to carry checks, cash, or credit card. Students account Duration of study: 12 months Bank: China CITIC Bank - ANZ Bank, enjoy deposit interest rates for deposits at the standard, pre-deposited in the bank to withdraw their funds and can not, and for other purposes. Requirements: 15 million per year, equal to the time period over and learning. ATM: the Department of Immigration refused to sign the letter of support, signed the letter or certificate withdrawal, remove the account deposits. Chinese students went to study in New Zealand before the opening of the domestic Fortunately, New Zealand can use the account. In this way, the students arrived in New Zealand, we can easily draw in the local banking fees, living expenses and other expenses. In summary, we can see that students in a special account to facilitate visa application by the parents play a crucial role. We therefore propose to study the applicant may opt for a special account for visa applications.