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Study in New Zealand schools NSIA School of Hotel Management
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With the Asian Games held in Guangdong, foreigners continue to enter the "Marine Silk Road" of the cultural province, in order to stimulate the rapid development of tourism in Guangdong, with its matching services supporting the industry - hotels, close to the The saturation. Some Travel and Tourism and Hotel Management of the returnees are competing to become the major hotels hot rush of the "meat and potatoes." I believe the hotel and tourism professionals will be with China, "World Expo", "Asian Games" in some of the world The nature of prosperity to flourish. Let's introduce a New Zealand a famous hotel management institutions. Auckland NSIA College of Hotel Management (North Shore International Academy) is located in the most suitable for human habitation in North Shore City Auckland, New Zealand heart. North Shore City with its unique and lively casual air Quality, safe social environment and a good educational environment to become very fascinated of the place of peace. North Shore Hotel Management School is the North Shore City is the first hotel and restaurant to carry out vocational training institutions, our professional courses New Zealand has been widely recognized and praised the country. North Shore Hotel Management School offers a range of international standard training courses, including hotel management and senior Western cooking classes and so on. In the hotel and catering field of education, we have been relentless pursuit of quality of teaching, Innovation and professional ethics. We arranged a flexible school hours to accommodate the busy pace of life of students, the students can sit arranged learn, play and work here. We even went to the industry to establish a wide range of joint System, and draw from them a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge, so that we can provide students with the most cutting-edge contemporary theory. Our strong curriculum as all of the following classes for the NZQA (New Zealand Department of Education) certification. 1 National Diploma in Hospitality Management (5) (80 weeks) In order to develop the most leading hotel management personnel, NSIA the first to design and install the most advanced teaching facilities, multi-functional classrooms, a modern audio-visual equipment and professional kitchens, cafes, bars, restaurants and Portugal training Wine-training center. Schools closed to the strict training, such as cocktail deployment, professional service learning, providing students with practical self-bar management, simulation of all operations in the actual question that may arise Questions to guide students on the proper response, the timely processing of the issue. Fully develop the inherent potential of students so that they can eventually work independently, be the best world-class hotel management elite. Recommended by my school after graduation to the major hotels can be carried out field work. Can continue to university studies hotel management courses, such as Australia, the world famous Mt. 2 National Senior Western cookery courses (4) (40 weeks) To ensure the highest quality level of education, NSIA the first to introduce the first-class international standard cooking equipment, hotel kitchen design, and by your famous of a number of senior level at the restaurant chef to serve Taught students in person, attend to personally demonstrate, teach the most authentic, most classic of Western cooking techniques. Curriculum implemented progressively, step by step, from the most basic theoretical knowledge, operational safety, health standards, to the middle of the West Point system As, to the highest level of food cooking. In the meantime, students have the opportunity through a lot of class exercises and extra-curricular opportunities for internships really grasp the knowledge of each point, the culinary mastery to the practical application of theory, using the shortest Time to learn the essence of Western cooking, to be improved, to create a wealth of knowledge belonging to the students themselves, a lifetime. Recommended by my school after graduation to the major hotels can be carried out field work. Can continue to university studies hotel management courses, such as New Zealand, AUT and other local universities. Basic English Course 3 The courses focus on hotel management in English are available at certificate and diploma entry requirements for further study hotel management and chefs and lay a solid foundation of professional courses. Our basic language course is to Improve their language skills, students not only in the classroom every day to a new vocabulary, but also to strengthen listening, speaking, reading and writing, including training in proper application of grammar to improve the students quickly Knowledge of all aspects of English mastery and application. 4 Advanced English IELTS exam Built on top of Basic English Course English Course IELTS exam is in, listening, speaking, reading, writing, four major areas improve their English ability, so Wei IELTS exam fully prepared. So that students of English The ability to upgrade to a newer master's level. Our strength ---- linked directly with the immigration policy Hotel management courses as well as the chronic shortage of professional chefs course, the main face of a quick way you want to apply for skilled migration of students, tuition is not very high, because I am from the generation of medium-sized restaurant, the school itself and with the local Several large hotels have a co-employment relationship, so the students can also go to school paid internships through 1-2 years of study and related work experience that can be the same with immigration Score Big graduates after graduation If the employer to the employee satisfaction of their employees will transfer to become an official full-time employees, so as to solve the problem of employment after graduation and after graduation score enough immigrants are eligible to apply for emigration. But also in the internship , The students not only get a steady income, as the accumulation of experience for future work, and successfully apply for immigration after work to stay in the local, which not only enables the students to complete their own short-term goals, but also To give parents a satisfactory answer and explanation. Market positioning The aim of our school located in the China market, middle-income families, 1 hours short: Course 1-2 years. Copies of course certificates will be mailed to you 2, a relatively small investment: In addition to the normal tuition fees for students in reading during the organization of work, paid internships, can reduce the burden of a large part of the parents, and many from economic concerns. 3 Employment: After graduating from the school can help students work recommended, excellent students will be successful admission. 4 Immigration: the students after graduation, while working through their own efforts, not only can solve the employment problem smoothly, you can qualify and conditions apply to emigrate, to enjoy a high stability and the welfare state all due The welfare and treatment. Entry requirements 1, at least 17 years of age. 2 of 5 points or higher in English 3 If you can not reach the English level can be the first language in my school to enroll in the Department's language courses 3-6 months, after the examination by the school's internal student can be successful professional Fees and Hours Course tuition cost of materials National Diploma in Hospitality Management (5) 80 weeks per year NZ $ 14,500 NZ 0 Higher National Certificate in Western Chef (4) 40 weeks per year NZ, 000 NZ, 000 General English course for 12 weeks per week NZ $ 330 NZ $ 50 Advanced English IELTS exam week, 12 weeks of NZ $ 330 NZ $ 50 Our goal Provide students with the best teaching environment and quality of courses, teaching as much as possible to ensure the best results. - To provide students with individual learning and work for the success. - Provide a safe environment for students And friendly, strong support. - Fair and honest to the students and the students sense of responsibility.