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New Zealand students studying abroad increased the number of parents read with
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At present, China to study abroad each year the number has more than 20 million, and showed a rising trend year by year, of which the number of students studying abroad increased year by year. At the same time, the children were too young, mental immaturity, poor self-reliance that Some problems with the parents. Reporter learned from the study institution, and now more and more parents read along with information on consulting, study abroad New Zealand Education Network Feng teacher introduced several popular Chinese students Students read along with the national policy, parents want to reference candidates. Australia More lenient policy Australia's very easy to read with the policy, in addition to parents, the students can also apply for the relatives as guardians. "Australian Immigration Law" on the family is defined as: parents, spouse, child, brother, sister, aunt Regardless, uncles, nephews, grandparents, grandchildren; In addition, the following relatives may also, but the guardian can not be less than 21 years of age. New Zealand Accompanying parents not allowed to work Study in New Zealand Education Network expert Wang said: "New Zealand against 10 years of age or below the students alone in the local life, there must be read along with the parents. New Zealand visa rules will be modified Scheduled to allow parents to stay in New Zealand each year can be, but not allowed to work, there is no national health status. 11 to 13-year-old students, if not their parents, special permission to go through the Ministry of Education. Boarding schools have been Will be exempted. " Canada Read along with a visitor visa curve Read along with the visa does not exist in Canada, only a visit visa. The longest six months of such a visa can be renewed for one year and apply for such visas can be repeated, so long as too much trouble, can actually visit visa Read along with the role played visa. For Visa, requires two basic conditions: 1. Canada has invited; 2. You have enough of living in Canada's economic proof, usually 1 year and 10 million yuan. Visit visa can be read along with the country are Germany, France, New Zealand, the United Kingdom for a period usually 3 months, some countries provides for multiple entry and exit records can be relaxed to six months. Singapore Accompanying his mother to work In Singapore, "Accompanying mother and son," the study abroad policy. Public and private primary and secondary schools may admit foreign students, and allow students under 17 years of age read along with the mother in Singapore. Mother may have been read along with the students Government of Singapore Polytechnic or government access to university. Accompanying his mother to allow the work, the mother's income to meet their children to school and parent needs. Attending government schools in Singapore for foreign students read along with the mother, the students 1 year after admission to the Singapore Labour can Special work permit application to the Department, employment in Singapore. Malaysia Have certificates of deposit Malaysia does not exist prior to read along. In recent years, with the domestic many parents go to Europe to study in Malaysia as a "springboard", the Malaysian government adopted various measures to encourage foreign students to study in Malaysia, including allowing Hui Lau Ma Ma Xuesheng parents to read along. Requirements on certificates of deposit are usually of 15 million Malaysian dollars, maturity 5 years, some investment immigration taste. United States May apply for visitor visa to visit relatives Parents, students read along with the United States there is no policy, but you can read along with their spouses. In general, if the child is too young, parents do not worry, you can choose to apply for a visa to visit relatives can stay six months.