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New Zealand students to study abroad should play into the country self-initiativ
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With the arrival of New Zealand, study abroad, the number of Chinese students study in New Zealand showed an increasing trend, from the New Zealand Education Network was informed that China has become one of New Zealand's largest source of students. New Zealand Minister of Education recently said Joyce, as compared with the same period in 2009, New Zealand in the first 4 months the number of international students rose 7%. International students in New Zealand each year brings over 20 billion credit to the future of New Zealand New Zealand Government will continue to increase the proportion of the University's investment and attract more foreign students study in New Zealand.

New Zealand Advantage Education - favored by the students
New Zealand as a multicultural society, economic development, immigration, its strong sense, because the population is relatively rare, more comfortable living conditions, has been named "the world's most liveable countries." At the same time, we learned from the Education Network of New Zealand, New Zealand for human survival, while the higher contrast with high-quality education, the New Zealand government has attached great importance to protecting their own interests and other international students, New Zealand also ranked eight schools 500 Strong of the column, under these many advantages, making New Zealand's current students and parents become the favored destination of study abroad.

Rational students - undergraduate, Vocational and Technical Students of growth

Economic development, people's living standards, knowledge and understanding of the development, study abroad has become more and more families choose, compared with 2011, 2010, New Zealand, study abroad has not diminished. We understand from the Education Network of New Zealand, and now the Chinese students in New Zealand increasingly rational, and its focus on studying several areas are not only confined to cities, presents the distribution of the trend slowly spread. In the academic level, in the past a larger proportion of graduate qualifications, higher number of secondary school students to present situation, on the basis of the original level, tend to college, vocational technical training courses increased significantly. This is also the development of talent in New Zealand have made outstanding contributions.

Studying age - an increase in younger students

Feng Xia Teacher Education Network of New Zealand introduced from the current trend of Chinese students studying in New Zealand, the proportion of Chinese students began to change in educational levels, the current application for New Zealand students, including junior high school graduates, high school graduates, college graduates undergraduate or graduate students and graduate students in New Zealand relatively large proportion of undergraduate students, while studying in New Zealand change as younger age, high school students, primary school students began to increase in the number of New Zealand.

Teacher Education Network of New Zealand Feng Xia reminder: according to different age groups and study groups to study abroad in New Zealand before, in addition to adequate preparation for successful visa, the study due to personal conditions and uneven age group, when traveling to study in New Zealand, taking fully into account in the younger age groups of students living in the country of destination to study adaptation.

Language barriers and cultural differences - difficult to integrate into the country to study

In recent years, New Zealand and throughout the West, most Chinese students are facing common problems, generally reflect the differences in language barriers and cultural backgrounds. In general, overseas Chinese students, on the whole in learning, is recognized as diligent, studious, smart hard. But in the study in the destination country, the language is still a storm. Again, that is East and West there are some cultural differences, the inherent inertia of thinking and way of life on the muddled, resulting in most of the younger students in the prevalence of dependence, lack of communication and many other issues, difficult to quickly integrate into the study country of destination. Which is why many students and parents successfully passed the visa, one of a very difficult problem.

Habits, language difference - has resulted in conflicting

In the Eastern and Western cultural differences, including many details to host families, Chinese students, to reflect the difference lies. Teacher Education Network of New Zealand, like Wang Chengchen us the status of one of her students live in host families in Auckland, where her host family's complaints, such as differences in lifestyle and living habits of the collision, the subtle characteristics of Chinese students East and West differences, students not accustomed to using a direct expression of demands. Hold in mind there are problems inside, not to solve the communication and the passage of time becomes a big contradiction, trouble with each other very happy, so the rest of his life between people in addition to the differences since, the communication is very important.

Homestay - to help students quickly integrate into the local

Admittedly, most of the students and the conflicts between the host family, the property of their reason is largely due to Eastern and Western cultural differences in performance results. Chinese students from the practical point of view, choose the host family, not only overcome the language difficulties can be faster, and faster integration into the Western societies were. Host family as soon as possible not only to help you understand local customs, to integrate into local life and culture, but also through daily communication with them in a short time to improve your English, speak perfect English. Students to grasp in the host family learning opportunities, communicate more, fewer misunderstandings, language progress faster. The interaction between family members, under the interaction, the students will not only adapt to new environment quickly, and can learn a lot of knowledge, harmonious relationship with other family members.

New Zealand Education Network Reminder - communication is very important to study

Here's Wang Chengchen Education Network of New Zealand teachers reminded the students live in host families: to get along with a host family in the process, should provide a good grasp this rare opportunity to exotic. And in disagreement or living in a variety of problems, the most efficient solution is to directly host "parents" express their demands, enhance communication, which is very critical, should be especially parents and students rise to national attention.

Study Abroad - play independent initiative

Education Network of New Zealand teachers, chief consultant Wangcheng Chen said that Chinese students study in New Zealand some problems, the same study in other Western countries is widespread. Cultural differences in the environment led to such problems are inevitable, overseas students face barriers related to language, food and accommodation between East and West differences in thinking, in order to change this situation, the subjective sense from the students, to students themselves actively mobilize their own initiative, ability to continuously improve the integration process of the independent self-care initiative and integration into the life of your country, the only way the process of studying abroad, our overseas students who get the face of difficulties, solved.