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Financial crisis affects go to the United States to study abroad it is more diff
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At present is the crucial period of American college recruit students, what does financial crisis go to beautiful Chinese student to arise to affect to meeting? The reporter investigates discovery 15 days, go to the United States to study abroad advantageous have disadvantage, study abroad on one hand the opportunity increases, on the other hand Chinese student obtains fellowship and opportunity of job leaving the United States to be able to decrease accordingly in the beauty.

On October 14, study abroad exhibit on, consulate of American new York is stationed in to teach consul before China, study abroad advisory Liu Zaixiang analysed Bencijin the influence that crisis of be in harmony studies abroad to the United States. Liu Zaixiang tells a reporter, a few schools of American are loosened somewhat to English requirement this year, home goes to the United States to study abroad the number of visa is being shown rise sharply trend, at the same time Chinese student reads the United States to privately run the opportunity of high school and university also is increasing, because financial crisis makes American part family cannot continue to bear the cost of high specified number of private high school and university, turn and go going up public middle school.

Financial crisis studies abroad to going to the United States the student also is put in many negative effect, "For the Chinese student that studies abroad to going to the United States, can foreknow the fellowship opportunity that the United States just offers for its will decrease, take the opportunity that aid financially to also can decrease, because this meeting affects one part,need relies on economy to aid financially ability to go to the student that the United States studies abroad. " Liu Zaixiang thinks, suffer financial crisis effect, the amount of the fellowship that American university sends international the student and quota of people will decrease, fellowship will be taken harder, and of exchange rate drop to also can make the fellowship of American college " dozen fold " . In the meantime, financial crisis still makes opportunity of American obtain employment decreases, unemployment increases, work to the student studying abroad, the exercitation brought certain difficulty, these will go to the United States to read undergraduate course and obtain employment to cause negative effect to Chinese student.