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Below the influence of financial crisis foreign currency devalues go abroad stud
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Be affected by the hundred years banking crisis that encounters, include a dollar, bay yuan, euro inside a variety of money exchange rate appear fatigued and weak, the RMB because this even more " costly " . The main destination that because the country such as the United States, Australia all is China goes abroad,studies abroad, of exchange rate glide, the person that attracted more attend school puts the view there. "Our hot line was hit quickly to explode. " yesterday (15) day, the reporter visits Chengdu much home to study abroad the orgnaization understands, go at present abroad study abroad to had made hot item.

Study abroad charge is reduced greatly

Below the influence of global banking crisis, the United States, England, Australia basically study abroad the exchange rate of destination appeared callback, because exchange rate is to study abroad the intuitionistic report of cost, because this goes abroad,study abroad to always be cost also will make reduce accordingly.

To this, division of branch conduct financial transactions visits all right in with studying abroad Australia is exemple calculated pen Zhang to the reporter: Before 3 months, bank of China (3.12, - 0.11, - 3.41% , ) bay yuan sell bade to be 6.6556 yuan, that is to say, this year Chengdu citizen will need to spend 665.56 yuan of ability to buy in July 100 bay yuan. But as Bencihuaer street banking crisis grows in intensity, in the past in 3 months, the RMB is right bay yuan exchange rate soares 28.54% . Yesterday bay yuan show bank note to sell bade to sign up for 4.7562 yuan, this is meant, chengdu citizen needs to spend 475.62 yuan to be able to be bought only 100 bay yuan. With studying abroad in last few years Australia everybody is annual and average total expenditure is calculated 170 thousand yuan, press now exchange rate, study abroad expenses is annual will managing left and right sides of 50 thousand yuan of RMBs.

Study abroad Euramerican still be first selection

"Although at present US-led Euramerican and main developed country confronted serious economy crisis, but the first selection that the country such as the United States, England, Australia remains student studying abroads. " the expert expresses, its are main the reason still depends on the western developed country such as the United States, England having long humanitarian history and high grade education resource, and above 2 o'clock is to won't be hit by nature of financial crisis root.

Because exchange rate drops,bring about study abroad charge is reduced, a lot of student studying abroads were changed study abroad plan, will study abroad purpose state got lost Euramerican and main developed country by low-cost Singapore and other places. The side chooses in major, the expert points out, from eye antecedent condition looks, financial major still gets of the student studying abroad chase after hold in both hands. Nevertheless, what in the near future as a result of worry financial industry persists is low confuse obtain employment of will serious effect, do not eliminate partial student union to turn to other major to be read.
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