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Face storm of wall street finance to go to the United States to study abroad wil
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Storm of wall street finance causes global attention, and instantly was 2009 recruit students of American college, middle school " propagandist war " crucial period, does this storm study abroad to going to the United States what far-reaching effect will the situation have? The author was interviewed with all possible means personage.

Study abroad is the opportunity more?

"American economy glides, may be benefit instead to international student good. " endowment embed learns child of advisory Zhang Suo to say so when accepting media to interview. Investigate its reason, zhang Suo child thinks, it is the international student that American school will pay tuition to oneself more welcome. 2 it is economic crisis often is put in economic cycle, be in at present trough when attend school, apply for a job when economy restores stage by stage, can be sounder individual program. Zhang Suo child says, more American school delegates come to China this year recruit students, before some American schools form a delegation, come even, this also explains American school hopes to attract the student that comes from China more and more.

Study abroad advisory Yuan Zhao expressed similar point of view, as the aggravate of financial storm, the fund that the enterprise provides for the school can decrease relatively, the educational market of American home may appear depression, thereby American school can study abroad outside enlarge sea the market. "Abroad study abroad of the market relax, mean a student to go to the United States to study abroad will more relaxed. Mean a student to go to the United States to study abroad will more relaxed..

The United States is stationed in Joseph P of consul of Shenyang consulate general. Mr Kruzich is being accepted " China trade morning paper " when interviewing, also express, this financial crisis makes American unemployment rate rises, in the near future, the United States may have the common people of more economy difficulty. So can one part person cannot pay the costly tuition of private school. Below this kind of circumstance, advantageous to Chinese family condition, the plan went increasing a chance undoubtedly for the student that the United States studies abroad. And in last few years, american government is adjusted ceaselessly study abroad policy, its whole trend is to facilitate Chinese student studies abroad, this kind of incline to is in future won't produce too big change inside at least one year.

Is fellowship cut?

Because financial storm causes American economic depression, finance will be constrictive, the Chinese student that reads a graduate student to going to the United States will tell, can foreknow the opportunity that the United States just offers scholarship will decrease, the student that because this meeting affects one part need to rely on economy to aid financially ability to go to the United States,studies abroad -- after storm of wall street finance happens, often hear such voice.
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