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The United States studies abroad October gold month studied abroad 2009 the Unit
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Annual October is the United States studies abroad conduction gold period, because this phase is worth American university to center recruit students, the student studies abroad in conduction United States of this one period the choice is most, and just can catch up with the autumn second year to open session. Industry expert introduces, mutual spring, autumn opens American university twice semester, among them autumn is advocate open session, the university of recruit students amount of the most complete, recruit students is the largest. From this we are not fathomless, why annual October becomes the United States to study abroad conduction the most crucial period.

School application: Earlier application is better

The reporter understands when visitting orgnaization of intermediary going abroad: Annual American university will begin recruit students in succession in September, and the number that will begin to seek advice from the United States to study abroad this year in August has begun to climb litre, the quantity seeking advice at the beginning of October was to reach a peak more. The controller that Wei world goes abroad expresses: The more good (the United States) university, what recruit students begins is earlier, of the end early also. "So school of major United States begins recruit students October, it is the best opportunity that files the school. The room when the student is choosing the school is big, the opportunity that gains fellowship is more also. " generally speaking, major school of the United States can be in 1~2 month stopped accept 2009 in those days the application of enter a school of autumn, better university may be in application ended before the bottom in December 2008. And the student will apply for the school in October, can be the time with him sufficient obligate, not only can assure to study abroad conduction success, still can deal with what appear likely to break out a state.

Take beautiful key: Visa application

The United States studies abroad another conduction key nods the application that is visa, the student admits an announcement in what take the school later, the capital material that wants him tie, individual condition material deals with visa to American diplomatic and consular missions. The controller that Xin spring goes abroad tells a reporter: "The data that submits when conduction visa is very crucial, what only professional orgnaization talent assures material is complete and meticulous. " additional, face autograph grooms also is the crucial point in visa application, although face visa official to have only a few minutes short, but the preparation that needs to be made for this is cannot of oversight. The question that visa official may raise reachs the strategy of respondent problem, when still having lot formal, dress up need to prepare adequately.

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