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Global name school participates in race to control to study abroad first machine
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On October 22 16 when - 21 when, last large education extends this year will be in Hangzhou hold, come from the United States, flower, bay, add, wait newly 10 study abroad greatly ginseng of 80 Yu Jiayuan school extend heat state, for intended 09 study abroad the opportunity that the college student that embark on a journey, high school student and parent offer to understand foreign education and school face-to-face.

Nearly 80 renown school

Participate in perform study abroad big

Sponsor just exhibit to all autumn education ginseng exhibited school aptitude to undertake examine and verify, in order to make sure these schools all are the regular school of each countries. Outside teaching the official orgnaization such as place to join in with British consulate culture, school of numerous and top class name appears on concentration, like Australian state-maintaineding university (the whole world ranks 16, 4 Nobel bear the palm person alma mater) , Canada is British Colombian university (the whole world ranks 34) , Mo Na makes an university (the whole world ranks 47) , England Laisite university (completely flower rank the research of 12 university) , Xie Fei, the absurd virgin soil of the computer, before completely beautiful major ranks biology technology, engineering 10) wait for school of name of more than 80 world to attend this second education to exhibit.

7 big themes exhibit an area

for a short while need of student of press close to

This second education is exhibited except created for the parent and student with renown school face-to-face outside the opportunity, the spot still establishs abroad high school to seek advice from undergraduate course of school of area, name to seek advice from Master of school of area, name to seek advice from area, three-year institution of higher learning to give birth to enter a higher school to seek advice from firewood of area, labour to study abroad advisory zone, admit education of zone, profession and immigrant to seek advice from the 7 big themes such as the area to seek advice from an area without language name school, make the parent and student can for a short while each takes what he needs, solve study abroad find the school that suits oneself to apply for most and major.

During education is exhibited, the school that exceeds 50 ginseng to exhibit the school to offer the scale with the largest this year applies for to expend derate activity, highest derate achieves 1000 yuan of RMBs. Lucky student is returned but the spot is taken (beforehand) admission notice, shorten study abroad preparative time. In addition, the certain school such as Korea, Australia opened minority to will join formal name specified number December 2009 in the spot, start application to be in the most quickly now 2009 3 - will embark on a journey in April.

Free foreign language takes an exam

Appraise cent run-up studies abroad dream

To most student, study abroad the first difficulty that face, it is a language. Went to abroad, the student with English better foundation still needs to spend a lot of time to raise academic English level. Study abroad those who need is elegant think of, the exam such as TOEFL, SAT, GRE, it is the difficulty that the student must overcome. Be aimed at this one circumstance, connect newly will hold during education is exhibited " exam going abroad checks freely " , be aimed at all crowds that are interested in English, roll out free elegant think of colloquial test and school recruit students to feel draft interview, accurate appraise is divided.
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