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Abroad student changes major greets the personage inside storm course of study t
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College of a few abroad adjusts policy to come China enlarge action

According to the rough statistic of the orgnaization studying abroad on Shanghai, recently 3 years two, study abroad in application among Chinese student of the United States, only the student studying abroad of Shanghai area chooses financial major with respect to what have 50% above, these students graduate in these two years more, and the outbreak of financial crisis makes not only their " the dream of wall street " become future was not predicted, the obtain employment opportunity with financial overseas decreases quickly also.

Face grim situation, shanghai student studying abroads adopt in succession answer measure: Some changing read major, adjust target of to apply for a job, also some financial student studying abroads are certain storm can go certainly, gather actual strength through the means such as enter a higher school, seek future develops. Meanwhile, from study abroad the market uploads come message, a few countries already began to adjust the visa policy of pair of China student studying abroads, new visa system will nowadays the end of the year or bright the beginning of the year is announced formally, more be helpful for Chinese student going to abroad take advanced courses. Financial storm offerred more to study abroad opportunity, abroad college is happy to come China enlarge action, but the personage inside course of study expresses: The near future is gone to abroad study abroad Ying Shenxuan is popular and professional.

Adapt oneself to changing circumstances: Abandon former major devoting into traditional industry

This year, the Micheal of Chinese student studying abroad that graduates in undergraduate course of industry of Miami university banking, did not resemble early before of the plan in that way, continue to take advanced courses in this major. He chooses be admitted to school or college the graduate student of accounting major, preparation works to accountant office after two years.

"Financial storm falls now, it is too difficult to apply for a job in the financial orgnaization such as the bank. " he tells a reporter, the financial major graduate student that graduates this year, a lot of arrive by September still be in interview to apply for a job, than the graduate of other major, place wants hardship a lot of. "So, I decide to turn a major, begin audit career to office of 4 big accountants later, live a stable life. Live a stable life..

As similar as this photograph still have Miss Ma. Two years ago, she comes to France some university reads financial major graduate student, the plan applies for a job to the commercial bank in the future. "This year, be affected by financial storm, european commercial bank does not have the plan that enrol a person mostly, to do not waste time of to apply for a job, I changed an end, send resume to traditional industry. Send resume to traditional industry..
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