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Study abroad choice: 3 big factors which platoon the first
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In make study abroad to time definitely, let student and parent have a headache normally unceasingly is, it is to choose a country first after all, still choose the school and major first? For this, the reporter was interviewed endowment embed learns adviser.

Endowment embed learns advisory analysis, when choosing country, school and major to the student, what should consider above all is the major that he hope to be read, it is a country next, the obtain employment that is graduation hind next develops way, specific it is to hope to stay in abroad or go back to the motherland develop, still hope to obtain an identity to wait a moment; These elements affect a student directly to studying abroad directional choice. If student university graduates to hope to stay in local obtain employment later, with respect to need to professional choice apt compares the major that stays easily in place, and every country the demand to all sorts of major also not way is same. Study abroad to let have the student of the plan has a knowledge that shift to an earlier date, should study abroad adviser arranged the obtain employment major with partial more popular in recent years country especially, offer reference only.

The United States: Major of business division, management, computer all have competitive advantage very much, its business school is in the whole world also is the first of all. Several manage are changed waiting for fundamental division is old brand popular major, if use physics, application,the major such as science of chemical, biology, food science also is obtain employment market those who go up is popular.

Canada: Education quality enjoys very tall reputation on the world, have the relatively advanced education hardware establishment on the world and perfect education to serve a system, it is first selection of most student studying abroad. The industry such as electric power of industry of finance, mining industry, forest, oil and natural gas, nucleus, accountant. Financial service industry is one of important pillar of Canadian economy, the major such as safety of oil natural gas, mining industry also is country of economy of this resource sex is strong and professional, also be the major that Chinese student is adding first-rate application to emigrate at the same time.

Australia: One of Chinese student studying abroad's at present most countries. The education that it has world-class and groom system. Accepted popular advantage major has: Accountant, essence calculates, project of division of masses medium, business, management, agriculture and science and technology of horticultural, computer and information, food, cooking and food treatment, mining industry, drug, medicine, civil engineering. Additional, surveyors and estimation division and work person wait with psychological doctor, very popular.

New Zealand: Stock raising is the pillar industry of New Zealand, the major such as project of software of stock raising, computer, food, it is the strong major of New Zealand, leader position is in on international.
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