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Go to flower study abroad: Not tall courage also can apply for the mark greatly
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From this year the beginning of the year rises, pound is reduced greatly to the exchange rate of the RMB, ling Fuying studies abroad cost is reduced many. If the student can apply for fellowship successfully, can save brushstroke greatly more. But have study abroad the expert points out, because China learns unripe nature too modest, inside collect and miss a lot of opportunities that can gain fellowship. In fact, want to be good at grasping an opportunity only, bold application, the student with not high mark also can apply for fellowship, especially school fellowship, course fellowship, the student wants " wide fill " fellowship application form.

As we have learned, cent is the British fellowship cardinal principle that Chinese student can apply, chinese country studies abroad fund management committee, british culture association (British annals act vigorously receives fellowship, Scotland scholarship) , England learns (visit scholar project, flower medium academy fund, economy and social research council) , fund of abroad research student plans (ORSAS) , royal association (study visit project, postdoctoral fellowship) , school.

It is easy to because apply for British school fellowship to compare,apply for governmental scholarship, to major student, the odds that applies for school fellowship successfully is the biggest. As we have learned, the student can apply for fellowship after taking school admission notice. When the admission notice that major school sends together attach fellowship application form, fill in for applying for the student of fellowship of purpose. The student fills the application material such as allegation of individual of good application form, preparation, recommendation to return British school, can apply for. Because the condition is outstanding,also have a student, do not need to apply for additionally, can win scholarship automatically.

England studies abroad adviser introduction, in fact, the requirement that files school fellowship does not calculate tall, want integrated achievement to amount to 85 minutes or so only, elegant the requirement that considers achievement to reach the school (application England Master wants) 6.5 minutes commonly, application success probability is bigger. And Chinese student often considers " difficulty of British scholarship application is great " , and appear too modest, always think ability inadequacy dare not apply for. And differ with Chinese student, other international student more " dare " application fellowship. Just mirror according to school of a few England, student union of a lot of India clutchs every opportunity applies for fellowship, after taking admission notice " wide fill " fellowship application form, the probability that consequently they win scholarship is higher also.

A lot of students do not know to apply for curricular fellowship, actually, this is in England a lot of schools have establish, and items is numerous.
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