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Australia life is little stick person
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Australian power source is 240V/250V, 50Hz, place is 3 aperture flat electrical outlet with socket.

Travel of Australian railroad car is in the center of the driveway, so fluctuation electric car must cross half street.

Australian lawyer cent is planted, it is BAR Juan RISTER, the lawyer that can appear in court; Another it is SO Juan LICITOR, can not appear in court.

Be in because of Australia the Southern Hemisphere, so the front of the building with day north had better. Must not go habitual belt of home.

The standards of grading of university of Australia take an examination ofing is examinee always is taking an examination of the grade in unripe number to divide, if show the result of examinee 95 minutes,rank advanced 5% .

Time of standard of Australian the eastpart part is earlier than Beijing time 2 hours.

The crossing that there is traffic light in Australia has the traffic light that uses for the pedestrian only, pushbutton is asked before crossing a street, cross a street according to the indication of traffic light.

Australia does not have capital punishment.

Australia executes Zhou Xin to make, general and weekly 4 hair salary.

Australia applies 12 years compulsory system of education.

Australia begins to implement new tax system from July 1, 2000, add to the commodity of the majority and service collect the consumption tax of 10% (GST) , raw the provision that pass, be like vegetable, fruit, raw kind except.

Australia is in after executing GST, accordingly key became low the scale of individual revenue tax.