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Abroad anecdote: Of Australian man " 3 not dare "
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In the discovery when Australia, if 3 go into the street, the affirmation that adopts the child is a man. Original, australian man is paradigmatic husband mostly, in this country, even if you are again tall man, also should learn before the woman " short 3 minutes " . Still the friend says for fun, australian man has generally " 3 not dare " .

It is firstly dare not play wife, because of probable meeting compensate the madam loses money again. In Australia, woman and children position are very high, if the man starts work,play a woman, even if be only,a hand can be sued, the result often is to be imprisoned half an year, perhaps be punished 1 year to live apart. If be sentenced to divorce more miserable, not only of domestic worth 70% should sentence the woman, still get the 1/3 of burden child alimony. Be in accordingly Australia, the woman meets with the circumstance of domestic force is unpopular. Somebody laugh says: "50 years old before the man that has divorced twice, it is pure pauper for certain. " so Australian man has thought certainly, or does not get a marriage certificate, once marry formally, the person that has edge again also can be ground to make the same score. Some local expect to marry Japanese or the Chinese does wife, change " female honour male low " place. From this and the husband and wife that occurrence thing combines is not little, have difference as a result of culture setting allegedly nevertheless, a lot of husband and wife pass disharmoniously.

It is secondly dare not hit the child. Come nearly 30 years, australian population shows downtrend all the time, so the government is encouraged bear, the child is born to have stake, if be born more,pay also is met when the river rises the boat goes up too. Give birth to the word of 3 children, the wife need not go to work, bonus has lived basically quite defray. Australian law stipulates the parent forbids to beat and scold children, disobey be about to strip its guard power, that means you to do not deserve the parents of redo child.

It is the pet that raises even oneself also cannot be hit thirdly, if be accused court, should sit two years the prison of half, amerce 25 thousand bay yuan (1 bay yuan add up to 6.5 yuan of RMBs about) . Abandon pet also is no good, desertioned you seek ambitious approach. As time passes, this " 3 not dare " the virtue that became a man unexpectedly, also became a harmonious symbol of Australian society.