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Study abroad Germany: 10 results that change 5 years
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When shortly will walk out of university school gate, a few things that turn one's head is experienced 5 years have some of result, write down share with everybody, the hope is right be about to come to Germany of attend school reach the netizens that had been in German university to struggle some helps.

1. Choice major wants the interest according to oneself, do not want others to learn what to learn accordingly. Turn major is very troublesome issue, loss a year time is very regrettablly.

2. School timetable should be discharged scientificly, this can consult an university in learn to grow people, the Fachschaft in the university also can provide a help, german nevertheless viewpoint does not apply to Chinese student certainly, had better ask the China of high grade the student so, the enthusiastic person in forum also is not little.

3. German university study basically leans at ordinary times, did not take an exam commonly among semester, the range of period end final examination is very wide, preparation of before relying on to take an examination of merely 9 weeks of time is insufficient, unless you are a talent.

4. When preparation takes an exam, want to be reviewed in the round, the likelihood takes an examination of your meeting feeling not to need to review so much, but study is not for the exam only, do not use this can use possibly in the future get. Baconian key is a measure after be being reviewed in the round, is not replace its, some course exams may be inscribed greatly with respect to 9, did not review do not pass with respect to affirmation, a semester is bedraggled also. The risk as good as that abandons be being reviewed in the round is betted at a person of extraordinary powers.

5. Fundamental phase (although the exam of Grundstudium) is simple, but it is to be phase of professional henceforth study however (Hauptstudium) prepares. When arriving with its, fill again be inferior to learning from good examples now. It is not important really that the achievement of Vordiplom is not, what when for instance application jackarooes, lean is it.

6. Want to place the concern that learning and works, should be versed in frequently aid learn to be versed in not frequently abandon learn. Would rather save at ordinary times a few, do not work desperately at the same time, spend money to be like running water again at the same time. This problem hopes those friends that had not come to Germany should notice particularly, it is very difficult that light relies on to work make living cost of a year come out, come so heart when the living cost that must get ready to arrive two years at least. Spend at ordinary times working the time that attend is too much should read ability graduation possibly for a long time. Nearly two years invite applications for a job has German company apparent young change the trend, what a lot of firms do not close 30 years old is graduate, some post restrict the age even, so everybody should make the best of time to learn.
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