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Australian life manual
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Pay tuition all is needed outside going to the abroad student that Australia studies abroad to divide a few holder of a grant. Australian tuition compares British United States normally low, of different school collect fees can differ somewhat. Following collect fees can make reference:

Middle school: It is every year about 5000 to 10 thousand bay yuan;
English course: It is about 7000 to 8000 bay yuan;
Professional technology grooms course: Make an appointment with every year 3000 to 12 thousand bay yuan;
Bachelor course, reach like economics jurisprudential: Make an appointment with every year ten thousand and two bay yuan;
Need bachelor course of the experiment, if science reachs engineering: Make an appointment with every year 14 thousand to 16 thousand bay yuan;
Course of Master, doctor: Annual 12 thousand to 18 thousand bay yuan;
Course of medical courses in general: Annual not under 25 thousand bay yuan.

Living cost

Annual vivid pay is general and single student about 7000 to 10 thousand bay yuan, include basic necessities of life, medical treatment and recreational pay. The spouse of married student needs every year about 5000 bay yuan extra pay, and every children must be added additionally about 3000 bay yuan expenditure. Afore-mentioned expenditure do not include airline ticket and tuition. If spouse or children also are read in Australia, need possibly to pay concerned tuition additionally.

The garment

Australian climate is more friendly than Europe or America, live in Australia, general simply wears the summer frivolous dress, but nightly need to add sometimes wear coat or sweater. Winter of Australian south area must wear thicker dress, be like coat or coat.


The staple food of Aussie is given priority to with Western-style food, the flesh kind can saying almost is the food with the mainest Australia, besides, of all kinds vegetable, biscuit, face, beverage, rice, OK very convenient buy in the supermarket. Of Aussie advocate eat is dinner, breakfast and lunch are very simple, lunch is the most general is sandwich.

Because Australia is the country of a diversity, because of the dining-room emerge as the times require of taste of this each country, wait like arrange of dish of Chinese meal, Thailand, Indonesian dish, Mexico dish, Italy dish, Korea dish, Japan. In every big city even the shopping centers of each area can be found very easily. And besides cafeteria, we buy various cookbook material very easily also to be in the home cook, for example Chinese meal, almost each are big the city has Chinese city, all food that we need can be bought in that. And besides China suburban, the shopping centers of a lot of suburbs also has one or 2 Asian grocery store solves the problem that feed with convenient immigrant and student studying abroad. Company of dining-room, welfare is set in all schools, offer handy meal to give a student. Shop of in addition of all kinds besides and fastfood inn are very convenient also. A week of average board expense makes an appointment with bay money 50 ~ 90 yuan.
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