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Study abroad log: In the school " cruel cummer "
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This " plastic bottle party " the purpose of the party, it is to discuss a kind to be called it seems that " rice 菈 " thing...

Mysterious " plastic bottle party "

Enter abroad student studying abroad to Gu body for, although not be everybody,can enjoy female bosom friend such " luxury " , but the friend of agree with each other of a few interest always needs. I read the friend of the associate with when high school in Australia, all kinds of strange things of it may be said.

The student great majority in this high school is Australian place, offerred practice to student studying abroads " do in Rome as Rome does " the superexcellent opportunity of the concept.

Differ with domestic high school, this high school sets, the student issues class hind to must leave education floor quickly, then, students are in dispersedly each corners of campus, loosen to the top of one's bent. I see the local schoolboy of a flock of person tall Martha, they are surrounded into a circle, appear a little mysterious. I go to them before, also do not know the courage that where comes, start to talk unexpectedly ask can deny join. The person is encircled immediately diffuse, walk out of a handsome young man, everything needed is ready of annulus of nose annulus, nose hammer, lip, dangler. This handsome young man that looks like the old looked me up and down one time, say coldly: "Welcome. " a suit cold sweat that torrid weather concealed me to be frightened to go out. I became the one part that the person encircles, the ear since vertical stroke prepares eavesdrop secret topic, the float in brain reveals a series of pictures: The old is held come blessing gun, cry greatly " hand over money come " , bank employee is holding money fart in the arms to roll make water to shed the ground to run, old signal I fit bill into satchel, right now, dodder along ground develops a little younger brother to cry greatly: "The police comes! " day, is my road that study abroad destroyed hereat? Not reconciled to ah... the shoulder that the old pats me, me from this " nightmare " in rescue comes out: "To you. " what arrives I? Lower his head to look, so this group " bad boy " be in unexpectedly kick plastic bottle. This waits for dull game! After passing bottle to another person, I look for an excuse to leave sneaked away.

The following day, I by " plastic bottle party " bump wearing, be forced to kick plastic bottle together with them again. This " plastic bottle party " the purpose of the party is to discuss to be called one kind it seems that " rice 菈 " thing. Do not know " rice 菈 " whether to have large-scale kill and wound a gender, I am forced to keep silence. Someone else is right " rice 菈 " the evaluation has " exciting " , " have challenge sex " , " terrible " etc. The old is very earnest the ground looks at me, ask whether I like " rice 菈 " . I think, native has deep love for motion, "Rice 菈 " probable it is a kind of collect " exciting, challenge, terrible " some kind of limit that is an organic whole moves, then bold answer: "I am very interested in rice 菈 , wanted early to try! " one's voice in speech did not fall, everybody belly laugh, even a few laugh so that was in on the ground. After a few days, one is called rice 菈 , appearance to be just as " Jurassic park " in the local schoolgirl of tyrannosaurus wants telephone number to me, I just suddenly be enlightened.
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