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House price rises near the college Italian China student studying abroad works m
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Italy regards European culture details as very rich and generous country, long-term since, regard the industry that is not gain as education all the time, the government undertakes appropriate economic allowance to the institute, each school all is adopted to native student and student studying abroad avoid tuition or low the policy that controls tuition. In recent years, because Italy studies abroad of the market open to the outside world ceaselessly, study abroad Italian charge is only flower, the 1/3 left and right sides of the developed country such as the United States, attracted thereby large quantities of big profit of one's purpose in coming of each country student studying abroad learns.

Although start,Italy is opened to market of Chinese student studying abroad later, but, as 2007 " Ma Kebo collect " plan, favorite culture year wait for an activity hold, chinese year studies abroad Italian quota of people already increased 6000, photograph comparing turned over more than 100 times 5 years ago. Study abroad favourably relatively policy, low maintenance, the instant makes market of student studying abroad hot rise, include Chinese student studying abroad inside afflux of several exotic students Italian school, brought not little pressure to do not have ready institute originally.

Advanced institute of Italy or language groom the institute is far not to Chinese institute in that way, the school is centered in the big courtyard of type of a garden. Italian advanced institute each department room is dispersive entirely, dispersed each corners in the city, some academic department rooms still are set in far in the other city beyond a few kilometers, this was brought to learn birthday to often be read a lot of changeless. Additionally Italian institution of higher learing does not offer a dormitory to the student, the student needs hire civilian curtilage stay.

The arrival of many student studying abroad, not only active of Italy study abroad the market, also be campus around civilian rent curtilage brought a prosperity, chummage price waves all the way litre. Trade according to the closest house property the market rents to the building near campus of a few main cities the price is investigated, current, how to plunge into in Milanese cloth (a bed is Brianza) area every months 450 euro, a single room also wants 650 euro every months at least; The area inside Wu Di the average price of a room is 800 euro every months, be as high as 900 euro every months in Vittoria area; The price of a bed is Foluolunsa on average every months 350/400 euro, a room 700 euro; The price of a bed is 250/280 euro near division of pineapple Niya college, a single room needs 370 control to 500 euro; Near division of Roman center college a bed 450 euro, a single room 600 euro, roman environs every months of 300 euro a bed, 450 euro a single room; Euro of 300/450 of a bed in Na Bo, a room 400 to 600 euro.

Of house price rose to bring very great pressure for the student studying abroad's life, student studying abroad of a lot of China chose an edge to work in succession edge study. In pineapple Buddhist nun inferior a when study abroad at one's own expenses girl Liu that comes from Chinese Sichuan vasts (transliteration) when big profit of firm one's purpose in coming, chose one individual hire a room, close with the classmate nowadays hire. Liu Miao tells a reporter, increase a burden to do not give a family member, oneself read in the morning everyday now, work to Chinese meal house afternoon. Do not have method, house price or else breaks rise, rely on to work only maintain bread and study.
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