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The student studying abroad tells about the attend school experience that is in
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Zhang Jue is Xiaohai to return, just will go back to the motherland this year in May obtain employment, 5 short month, her without a stop, run cross France for many times, the company that assumes office because of her prepares to appear on the market in France, she is " Dong Bi " , wanting the job that worry about is " IPO " .

She says to carrying a case the first day to read to the United States, on the road that reachs the school from the airport, did not see li of common skyscraper and big American flourishing city on the way, instead eyeful is village scenery. "Beautiful state-owned very much school is on small town, here is far want to get so lively fashionable without us, special in the evening cold and cheerless. This just reminded me, I will charge, will not play. " Zhang Jue says.

Let a person diving feels likewise, still have American classroom. Although be in before Zhang Jue foreign enterprise working language of 5 years is English, the first day sits on MBA classroom, still feel as if sitting on a bed with needles, because of the professor's accent, whole class was not understood almost. "This lets me realize, the language is not a problem, learn not to learn to get the problem that can be understanding, professor because I am international student,won't meet for language of my rein in fast. " after then the section is levied, she says actively with the professor, because understand not, the likelihood should abandon attending his class first. This kind of openness is communicated, let a professor have good impression, he suggests she has a problem to be able to make an appointment with him at any time time inquiry, till understanding till.

Difficulty is encountered in foreign study, need to rely on to communicate solve a problem. Zhang Jue says a very interesting experience, "After finishing a lesson, American teacher can say not to forget do home work, I am waiting for him to assign task, but at that time the professor is placing a book to go out however, ' where is exercise! ' I ask the United States the student hastily, original home work is on the net, before term begins, the professor is met hang the content of course of this one term on the net, homework wants him to be clicked according to plan after the class search. " some students that do not love communication can consider without homework, and have a session " zero " , do so that period end all night fills madly, assembly performance is not good.