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Study abroad Australia: Australian shopping manual is read surely
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Visit world each district, shop shopping is tourist people the most zealous activity, the tourist that comes to Australia also not exceptional? Australia owns the characteristic store with all sorts of very interest, can let you stay to forget to return repeatedly absolutely, buy be irresolute when firmness is needed?

In Australia, from the style distinctive souvenir is tasted to the handicraft skill with superior charge for the making of sth. , can you differ in a variety of styles is those who get oneself clean out to love most in the shop of class? From fairground? High-quality goods mill arrives high-grade department store, can you choose the gem with Australian particular place to the top of one's bent? Headgear, dress and act the role of article?

Let shop more substantial is, international tourist can enjoy duty-free privilege in Australia, the custom duty that avoids entrance product (hold commodity value 5 - do 50 % differ) ? If you buy place's homebred word in duty-free shop, can you still enjoy avoid pay consumption tax (those who hold commodity value 10 - do 30 % differ) ?

Australia the shop business hours of each city differs somewhat, there is late city in Zhou Sihe Zhou Wu generally speaking, and round-the-clock Saturday do business? The whole world 3 kinds of big credit card (American Express, visa and Mastercard) is everywhere general? Do a few banks block other to you also can be used in a lot of large market?

The cosmetic of pure natural cream

Enough of pure natural cosmetic lets agitato of beautiful beauty eyebrow Jing sound screams! Although can the most delicate and sensitive skin also find a when suit his? The cosmetic here comes from the distinctive raw material of Australian nature be pregnant with, like organic tea tree? Ash? Lavender? Sheep oil?

If you think the flower in lavender is sweet in search romance and beauty, come grange of famous lavender of beautiful jade much bare (Lyndoch Lavender Farm) ? It reposes in south inside the Ba Luosha valley with Australian pretty scenery, distance A gets north of Lai heart city to have the one leg of the hour only, is traffic very convenient? Is the choice that makes for raw material with lavender oily? Protect skin to taste? Do a flower, the lovely toy that still has lavender authorized strength, welcoming the tourist that comes from distance at any time?

Cosmetic brand of Australia is various, among them is the world top class and famous are there Jurlique and Aesop? Jurlique brand is founded 1985, does A of Australia of total position Yu Na get Lai heart? Its author course is studied for a long time, found the biology temper by dipping in water that can carry plant life active to take a method eventually, does extraction go out not to contain coal tar? The pure natural and herbaceous antioxidant of secondary colour element and flavor and vitaminic, by what recognition is cosmetic " alchemic " ?

Aesop is called " the Aesop's Fables in bottle " , as those old and concise allegory same, modelling is simple, be content maintains richly however article? Its headquarters is set in Melbourne, abiding by pure natural? Humanitarian brand concept, did not exceed diction of magical be on sale, do everything return the mainest clean area? Bright skin and moist 3 measure? Besides the product that protect skin, does Aesop series also include beautiful system? Beautify hair product? More interesting is, the kitten doggie of your home, can you also find in inn appropriate the natural product that they use?
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