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The student studying abroad is in the beauty below financial crisis lives: The c
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About the financial crisis influence to the student studying abroad, industry has be analysed variously and guess, there is no lack of among them fellowship cut, obtain employment becomes difficult, work the opportunity reduces those who wait for negative effect to forecast. These reports and analysis are in while the student that goes to the United States to study abroad to those plans and parent pass information, more the nerve of the parents that study abroad in the United States that keeps stimulating those to had had the child, those who caused their student to ocean the other shore care and of the future be anxious.

Financial crisis is in the United States to those the influence of the student studying abroad of attend school after all how? Their life condition is anxious like people place really in that way? Specially of our newspaper reporter connects a line 3 students that studying abroad in the United States, ask them to talk about the American banking crisis that they experience. Reporter discovery, finance and the feeling that are not financial major student are day of poor ground really other.

David(Yale biology is professional)

Be oblivious of the outside world, of one mind is read-only book of sages and men of virtue


Very few somebody talks about financial crisis in ● reality life. Financial crisis does not have too big impact to ordinary common people, professional to be not finance for the most part student studying abroad also does not have too big impact.

● is in the school, what the student studying abroad cares most is his study, paper and research achievement, can care economic crisis without how many person.

It is bit cheaper that ● feels the biggest change is house price, other very normal.

The first time understanding David is study abroad in of home personnel achievement is exhibited on, he shares his scientific research fruit as the outstanding delegate of an abroad student studying abroad and everybody. After that, he continues to return the United States to grind again repair him most passion biology is professional, also experienced this banking crisis by chance. Want an interview this banking crisis is professional to be not finance the student studying abroad's influence, david is the most appropriate the person selected that does not pass.

Those who let reporter unexpected is, david says, say and this banking crisis is affected without what to major student studying abroad. If must say change and effect, the biggest change is house price cheaper dot, other very normal.

"In real life, very few somebody can talk about financial crisis. Financial crisis of the United States affects big drop to the people of wall street, but do not have too big impact actually to ordinary common people. Beautiful really state-owned big bank closes down, but system of American social security is very perfect, of ordinary common people work normally as before. Of ordinary common people work normally as before..
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