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Australia hires a room to want to take care to be deceived
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Because if why be with optimal method,international student does not know room source is nervous period Melbourne looks for abode, they are getting on the net cheap of the bilk that rent a house exploit.

Dimension city hires guest labor to express, in the past 3 weeks, they had received 12 students to be cheated respectively 1000 bay yuan report.

Police and contact member Toby Archer says, this fraud is on the website, be like the of house property website with and the most welcome Australia, publish downtown cheap room source advertisement in order to attract a student.

Students are informed Australia landlord overseas, the chummage of the first month and cash pledge need pay abroad account, ability carries the key supply rent a settle or live in a strange place possibly later.

"Need not say, the key is taken impossibly also forever, " Archer says.

Student of a few Australia is at the beginning of this year the victim that became fraud as much, but the international student number that be decieved is more, to be being hired in Australia because of them the room does not have any experience and only finite place supports, he says.

Cheater people can publish advertisement to say, inside city or the apartment of urban periphery every months of rent is low to 500 bay yuan.

"As the abidance of the crisis that rent a house, to the student, find appropriate housing to had become more and more difficult, " Archer says.

After exposure of online bilk news, new governmental responsibility group will seek the way that helps international student.

The lack of room source will be one of serious problems that responsibility group should investigate. Other issue still has individual safety and international student to be exploited in yard place.

Archer expresses, he will undertake talk at the labour union renting a settle or live in a strange place of other state, in order to monitor whether this fraud has spread all over Australia.