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Stay flower your ready-made? We and England very " conflict " !
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The friend that has home again asks me about the thing that go abroad, the study outside feeling to go out can gain more knowledge. Actually, knowledge is same, we study abroad outer the knowledge that those who obtain is life more, but how much can learn, how much can know, rely on an individual completely. Foreign life has a few distinction more or less with home to the issue with trifles large gram from the language, just came to England whats are fancy, also whats are unaccustomed.

"Conflict " the explanation on the dictionary is: Contrary, the force with antipathic each other or property (be like idea, interest, volition) mutual interference. Because change the dialect that does not drop and the Chinese stomach that won't betray forever forever, I like to use " conflict " the different place that 2 words will come describe me to be experienced in England. Stay flower old record of formal schooling, diploma is to be taken, but apply for a job,make progress without what however. During mood Bei is cool, write write an article, dismiss dismiss free time.

Summary of an individual experience gives the friends that those preparation that the predestined relationship sees go abroad or just come to England. If somebody must assimilate to of foreign record of formal schooling be lead to highway of bright obtain employment cite road sign, so outer a paragraph of that before studying abroad to be afraid even if find this highway muddy alley. On this paragraph of alley, what can cobbly road lets you go is very afflictive, can loblolly wets the mood, also can slimy dot is stuck on the body, want him society to the individual clears and be borne. We had gone too far, parents also cannot have been helped again very much.

Language conflict

Do you have a habit to must become Pie interpreter " clique " or be Chocolate the interpreter is become " chocolate " does ability understand his implication completely? Perhaps check do not come out what is Choc, kwik, 2nite, wait for a word to lose his head? Perhaps understand you what to to say when others when, the word that a moment ago just will say over and over repeat, and do not know to change a type or is central word conveyed afresh?

The language is afraid is our student studying abroad's biggest obstacle, understand not, say not clear, be not read, write do not move. Although the language exam with sundry what had attended before the person comes England for the most part, and succeed obtained result, applied for an university smoothly also, and come to the British institution of higher learing that long for day and night. But, doesn't your true language have a problem?

Everybody says the university entrance exam is the baton that China teachs, what exam is? The teachers of new east, not be to also be used elegant think of, the exam title such as TOEFL, GRE serves as baton, how learn and the children that direct those expectation that go abroad review an exam. Is there distinction between the English that can you be an exam and actual English? Remember me going up new east when, teachers tell me, read again, because cent cost is high; Weigh an option, because be divided high easily; Because the skill of audition and writing is little, become what gnaw hard to chicken ribs so, those who learn is drab, those who abandon regrettablly.
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