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Experience of small student studying abroad shares: I read high school in Englan
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England, in the place that in Chinese student the choice studies abroad, discharge all the time advanced 3. Up to now, study abroad Chinese inland student of England already amounted to 60 thousand person, the first when list British international student.

Study abroad wind be current of England while, a few problems also rise to surface.

These a few years, of all kinds school values England China studies abroad the market, popularize all sorts of studying abroad to plan energetically, but some schools disregard educational quality to make money only, the diploma quality that brings about a student studying abroad to obtain greatly shrink. In the meantime, student studying abroad of a lot of inland also studies assiduously in that way like the student studying abroad previously no longer, will study abroad however regard as the brigade of extravagant enjoyment.

These problems are perplexing accurate student studying abroads the parent with them. Study abroad to England, what school should choose? What should notice? After half an year is being lain between when, on September 23 - on October 1, business newspaper reporter went to England to visit in person once more 6 schools and a lot of student studying abroads that read in place, the educational means that 0 distances inspect place and stay flower circumstance of the student's life, study.

Visit flower the first station is to be located in the love of London downtown to compare London institute -- a blame lodges the private high school that make.

Reporter proof is resembled

Differ with the imagination, love has building of a lot of education in that way than high school of country of London institute unlike, also do not have special playground, in be being concealed in a whole vintage building that owns on hundred years history however -- average house is before the house, now because be located in downtown, became office to use a room.

Along the narrow, stair that circle and goes up, the room of both sides is the classroom that the student attends class. Because every class is the bottom class in a kindergarten,change education, so although a classroom holds no less than 10 people, but do not feel crowded. Going to school is type of attend a day school, go attending class to resemble downtown everyday some someone goes visitting same, want to press noisy doorbell only, the teacher opens the door.

Those who recieve a reporter is the president Mark Love of the school. Introduce according to him, although school scale is not large, at present only 100 come a student, be in London nevertheless is famouser private middle school however, annual complete A rate of the student is in 50% the left and right sides, the proportion that the student enters famous brand university to be read is quite high also. School majority still is with British this locality the student is given priority to, there is 15 Chinas student studying abroad now.
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