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New Zealand establishs international doctor fellowship first
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New Zealand government decides, since January 2006, the international student of the doctor's degree is assiduously studied in New Zealand, want the scientific research leader that the adviser is New Zealand only, can enjoy the tuitional level like native land student.

Current, the tuition that international student assiduously studies a doctor's degree is annual be 100, 000-145, 000 yuan of RMBs are controlled. After new policy is carried out, the tuition that enjoys the doctoral student that reduces cost is probably annual 19, 000-25, 000 yuan of RMBs. This will reduce the economic burden of international doctor student greatly. Predict to will a lot of China doctoral students can be in below the guidance of the scientific research leader of New Zealand study.

These two new policy are aided financially by New Zealand government, it is the one share that funds of education of international of New Zealand government throws, cost 122 million yuan of RMBs. New Zealand government teachs the investment of the respect to will exceed 400 million yuan of RMBs in international to June 2009 from June 2004.

2005, new Zealand still established international doctor fellowship first (New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarship) . At present 4 China scholar won this scholarship.

Be stationed in as New Zealand China Ms. Ge Gannan of counsellor of diplomatic mission education's glad respecting, "This is the result of a joyance making a person. The talented person that this fellowship project lets world each district is outstanding and New Zealand share their knowledge, let New Zealand reveal her outstanding education natural resources before the world. This fellowship project teachs stimulative meeting management by New Zealand, offerred an extraordinary opportunity for international student studying abroad. Offerred an extraordinary opportunity for international student studying abroad..

International doctor fellowship makes a student studying abroad organic can be in of the scholar with top-ranking international and adviser lead next study, what the degree that they obtain can get the whole world is accepted. The record of formal schooling of New Zealand and degree in the world with its advantageous practicality, and with when all is entered celebrated. The student that accepts New Zealand education is successful now the ground is active in the whole world each domains.

The 4 China scholar that wins scholarship will have science of medicine, computer, sale and the research that cross culture science in New Zealand. Ms. Ge Gannan says, "We are very glad to meet these 4 Chinese learned men, wish to they are learning those who come and the success is gained in research. Wish to they are learning those who come and the success is gained in research..

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