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New Zealand studies abroad tuitional circumstance and scholarship application
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Compere: Since mentioned the graduate student's study, I see the problem that has a netizen now, he cares the problem that how the graduate student reads in New Zealand very much.

Netizen: How much is the tuition that New Zealand studies abroad probably? Is the graduate student to a few years read? Because the likelihood has two years, 3 years, have corresponding fellowship to you can apply for?

Guergana: It is the problem about tuition above all. The tuition in New Zealand is decided by different course place, e.g. you if learn, is artistic learn or law, perhaps say GRE, each course are different. So, the school that every student should learn according to you and different course, in the inquiry on the website of the school. Metropolis falls to have an expatiation with each course on the website of each school, this class needs how many money. So, you all can inquire the information with this material respect on the website. But overall for the tuition that still can say New Zealand is compared with the United States, Europe and Australia opposite for or fare is lower.

The 2nd problem, about the problem of fellowship. You a moment ago asked about the fellowship that has this side. New Zealand government was rolled out in July 2005 " fellowship of doctor of New Zealand international " . This doctor fellowship is of course to high-end student, global altogether has 40 quota of people, this is the fellowship of a whole world, china is to be able to file one of states. Altogether of complete last year China had 4 students to receive this scholarship.

Thinking complement again is the study about doctoral phase. New Zealand government also is by the international student studying abroad that rolled out a doctor 2005, if you learn to New Zealand, can be in them very outstanding scholar leads next study, what basically can enjoy native land student is tuitional. The tuition of native land student follows previously the tuition of international student studying abroad near little the tuition of 90% . Tell from the angle of immigrant visa, if you are,read a doctor's degree likewise as international student studying abroad to New Zealand, your spouse also can apply for working visa in New Zealand. If your child is to be in during school age under high school, the child that can resemble mainland enjoys the cost that native land pupil learns euqally.

Compere: It is a very favourable policy really.

Hope: For the angle from visa of immigration office student, to graduate student student we still have a few to want to say.

The first, any the spouse of Master student studying abroad can obtain the chance that takes working visa in New Zealand. If the student reads a Master in New Zealand,give birth to course that is to say, their spouse can work in New Zealand.

The 2nd, to any students, if they completed Master course in New Zealand, they can satisfy the requirement with the emigrant technology of New Zealand very likely, this course that they read in New Zealand, also can help them obtain in respect of record of formal schooling add cent specially.
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