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New Zealand international expends fellowship scientificly to begin to choose ori
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Netease report going abroad: A few days ago, the reporter is stationed in from New Zealand China place of counsellor of education of department of diplomatic mission education understands, exhibition of tuition of undergraduate course of international of New Zealand government is new round choose had beaten war drum. This year, fellowship of undergraduate course of New Zealand international more the name is " fellowship of tuition of undergraduate course of New Zealand international " (New Zealand International Undergraduate Fees Scholarships, NZIUFS) . According to introducing, china is 14 can enter one of selection countries, in the plan this year, all 30 years old the following (be born in on October 20, 1976 or later) the student that the hope has undergraduate course phase learns in New Zealand all can apply for. Selection level with academic achievement outstanding to allow.

This fellowship covers all tuition, aid financially a student to be finished in the university of New Zealand 3 years or the study of the undergraduate course phase of 6 semester. Educational counsellor says to the reporter, between the selection of 05-06 year, 5 China student won this scholarship, they began in July 2006 in university of New Zealand Oakland, Victoria Hui Ling pauses the study that university and university of abstruse tower elder brother have undergraduate course level.

Educational counsellor reminds a student to say, the applicant of all China must want to study abroad through the country fund appoint application, new Zealand teachs stimulative meeting not to receive the student's application directly. Application address is as follows: (Http:// . The student can apply for to be in in January 2007 / the course that will begin in Feburary, also can apply for in June 2007 / the course that will begin in July. Applicant beard submits application the country to study abroad before October 20, 2006 fund appoint.

As we have learned, 8 universities of New Zealand participated in this fellowship project, what apply for an university by oneself need to admit while the student is applying for fellowship. The website of 8 universities is:

Auckland University Of Technology:

Lincoln University:

Massey University:

University Of Auckland:

University Of Canterbury:

University Of Otago:

University Of Waikato:

Victoria University Of Wellington: