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2005 project of fellowship of undergraduate course of New Zealand international
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Study abroad according to the country network news, suffer New Zealand to be stationed in China diplomatic mission is entrusted, chinese country studies abroad fund management committee is responsible 2005 project of fellowship of undergraduate course of New Zealand international (the choose of New Zealand International Undergraduate Scholarships) works. Choose the job to had spread out at present.

As we have learned, this project will be aided financially at most 7 China student is in in June 2006 / will go to New Zealand in July 8 universities have by a definite date 3 years or the full-time undergraduate course of 6 semester learns.

Will choose the job to inform as follows about item now:

One, detail work must be carried out " by need to send, assure quality, learn to use consistent " guiding principle, according to " handpick essence is sent " principle, combine country, our region and the development of this unit to need to what relevant talent fosters.

2, 8 universities are the New Zealand that joins this project:

Auckland University Of Technology:

Lincoln University:

Massey University:

University Of Auckland:

University Of Canterbury:

University Of Otago:

University Of Waikato:

Victoria University Of Wellington:

Ask an applicant to inquire time of setting of special training course, enter a school to each school (whether can place choosing major be in June 2006 / in July enter a school) , the circumstance such as date of expiration of application of enter a school.

Stimulative meeting also can teach through New Zealand when the applicant chooses the school and special training course (the website of Education New Zealand) undertakes inquiring:

Each major does not include to subsidize range in this fellowship under in: Aviation (Aviation) , dentist (DentalSurgery) , medicine (Medicine) , optometry learns (Optometry) and veterinary medicine (Veterinary Science) .

3, candidate should have the following requirement:

The citizen that People's Republic of China is when application reachs permanent resident. New Zealand citizen or permanent resident should not apply for this fellowship;

The personnel that having learn and working in New Zealand cannot apply for this fellowship

China is returned after finish school;

The age is in 30 years old the following (end to on January 20, 2006) ;

High school of two years learns finally (with any higher education) already must finish in home. If the applicant finishs high school in New Zealand finally part of two years or full study, do not accord with this fellowship to file a requirement;

Achievement of the university entrance exam is outstanding already finished in domestic university the study of one grade;
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