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Australian New Zealand adds fellowship difficulty newly to investigate
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2006, this lively already and extraordinary Australia studies abroad fellowship market added a few pieces of new face again, let applicant look dazzlingly indeed. The fellowship that to let everybody allow what one is particularly good at of student studying abroad times ground applies for half result to admire in the heart, the reporter was mixed to Australia recently a few application difficulty that add fellowship newly undertook New Zealand investigate.

Australia the undergraduate changes Gelifeisi kind of fellowship: Difficulty ★ of ★ ★ ★

Suit a crowd: As a result of Gelifeisi the university has half award or entire award opportunity, suit biochemistry to study kind of Master or doctor apply for. Yang Zhaojun of chief of international Australia department teachs to say in, because will participate in research project directly to the student after school, so the applicant needs to have two requirements: It is the study that what be engaged in in home is biochemical respect; More important is to have the primary experience that has study in domestic education or scientific research orgnaization, can prove with scientific research achievement its are engaged in studying working ability.

Special clew: Yangzhao army clew says, this fellowship is not slashing to the requirement of applicant English level, the most important in application is the real operation ability that stresses his, professional strength is solid the student that has medicine to study experience again mights as well try eagerly. The student that takes fellowship may be engaged in assistant first kind the foundation works, if study capacity is sufficient,tall word also can enter the job of higher administrative levels directly.

Doctor of New Zealand international studies exhibition: Difficulty ☆ of ★ of ★ ★ ★

Suit a crowd: According to Jin Ji listed country studies abroad Yang Tong child introduces the controller of firm New Zealand department, this fellowship agrees with to take master's degree in home, will go to New Zealand to grind the applicant that reads course of doctor of 3 years of full-time to have good science background. Additional, must have not under 6.5 minutes elegant consider success.

Special clew: Yang Tong child emphasizes, the student should notice to highlight his learning to study experience and had published paper. In addition, special attention still answers to want to be contacted with doctoral student adviser directly when applying for, studying domain speak or sing alternately certainly, application offers to the school again after getting the adviser affirms.

Derate of tuition of graduate student of Australian state-maintaineding college: Difficulty ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★

Suit a crowd: The international student first time that this year is national university has an opportunity to obtain graduate student course the first year the tuitional derate of 50% , the applicant must achieve exceedingly good result in baccalaureate course and had been admitted to be a graduate student by national university. According to Introduction Yang Zhaojun, this fellowship suits English level tall, achievement is outstanding, have greater progress latent capacity and the applicant with each respect outstanding performance.
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