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Canada studies abroad: The expert gives directions new study abroad policy
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United States of situation near neighbour, academic culture as inseparable as England, the system is comprehensive and its education is so outstanding. The range that high school graduate can choose is very wide, from degree education is taught to the profession but, after the student graduates, can continue to rise go to, also can work emigrant, the first selection in making a lot of person frame of mind studies abroad country. The reporter was interviewed study abroad expert, for everybody of labor Canada study abroad policy.

Canada in recent years, the interest good news that study abroad is ceaseless, policy tends ceaselessly relax. Canada studies abroad policy learns motive by what take a fancy to a student so (whether to have emigrant tendency) the change of capital actual strength during evaluating a student to study abroad to the key, showing Canadian government is right of Chinese student studying abroad tilt, the effect with full policy also is clearly, occupy official data to show, integral visa of Canada is led already by 2004 59% 74% what rise to the end of 2007.

On the other hand, canadian visa is periodic also relatively shorten greatly before. Before 2006, the average cycle of visa is 4 months, at present this one cycle has dropped to do not exceed 2 months, exceed England, United States far even Australia.

In the meantime, canadian government studies abroad to provoke international student Canada, stay in immigrant of Canadian obtain employment after learning, rolled out a series of favourable land settlement policy, policy one: Began in April 2008, canadian government rolls out international student to read aloud three-year institution of higher learning in Canada (contain above of three-year institution of higher learning) , the visa of open mode job that can apply for by a definite date 3 years, and need not formal employer invitation letter. This cannot be being accomplished before, previously not only the employer invitation letter with formal need, and the working autograph that also can apply for one year only. This anew politics roll out, make after international student school work is finished, abundant time stays in Canada to search the job and application immigrant; Policy 2: To attract the international student of tall record of formal schooling, canadian government rolled out the Master graduate student that appoints school graduate in Canada, work in Canada full after a year, can apply for sum tuition drawback. Although be limitation,appoint the school, but this one quota of people also is relaxing ceaselessly in, this is Canada relaxes study abroad the clear signal of land settlement policy.

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