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Hind Olympic Games times, the expert unscrambles each country to study abroad ne
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Current, the country such as the United States, Australia, England, Japan, remain first selection of Chinese student studying abroad study abroad destination. And as China in the world the rise of prestige and position, popular study abroad country more and more greeting China student studying abroad, publish corresponding new policy in succession. Concerned expert expresses, hind Olympic Games times, study abroad the right season or time.

Hind Olympic Games times, a lot of popular study abroad the greeting attitude that the country showed pair of China student studying abroads. Concerned expert reminds broad accurate student studying abroad to know each country policy ahead of schedule, let study abroad get twice the result with half the effort.

The United States

Study abroad charge is reduced

According to not complete count, up to in August 2008, the United States still ranks study abroad national a list of names posted up head. Current, 6.83 yuan of RMBs can convert 1 dollar, and study abroad American tuition did not increase however, this was reduced to tuition is equivalent to for Chinese student.

"The United States is an emigrant country, this also is nearly two years the United States studies abroad igneous reason. " of association of communication of education of culture of Liaoning province international merchant chairman represents, american university can execute free transfer and freedom to turn professional system, quick schoolteaching way, get the welcome of student of a lot of China.

Study abroad expert plum chairman represents: "American economy, science and technology is in high-end level, the teacher is resourceful, the top class talent of the whole world is attracted. The top class talent of the whole world is attracted..

As we have learned, go to the United States to study abroad to differ according to reading the school now tuition is in probably 6000 - 20000 dollars left and right sides.


Read lingustic school visa need not elegant think of

Australian immigration office adjusted visa policy recently, since September 1, go to bay read lingustic school need not elegant think of can obtain visa, and before September 1, those who need 5 minutes is elegant consider success. And what read preparatory to Australia is elegant think of achievement to also be reduced somewhat, by original 5 fall to courses of language of 4.5 form a complete set.

Australian region is vast but the handsome appearance is rare be short of, especially blue collar, in recent years the country was promulgated a lot of give aid to policy draws a talented person. TAFE course is the educational form that Australian government sets for absorbing ability, in last few years, time of petty gain of TAFE course tuition, eductional systme is short, and be in emigrate, application amount year after year increases by degrees.

Director Li says, after Australia reads an university, australian government can assess him to whether can emigrate according to the student's age and achievement, general the student of 90% can apply for through immigrant, so if the plan is resident abroad, australia is a very good choice.
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