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Japan studies abroad new policy issue is solved
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Ask: Go to day to study abroad to have with in former years this year why to change?

Answer: Study abroad this year Japanese policy has apparent change with in former years, the Japanese that in former years goes to day to study abroad to need 150-200 only grooms course proves can, will begin to ask to go to day of student studying abroad into tubal bureau this year in April will must attend exam of Jtest practical Japanese, pass primary test at least (E-F) . Additionally the examine and verify to Japanese visa material will enhance strength, high school is born to will ask that he must attend the university entrance exam and offer relevant achievement to prove.

Expert proposal: Domestic high school is being read be born to should not abandon the university entrance exam, one true, complete, comprehensive study abroad material will be bit more crucial.

Ask: Difference of tuition of national, public, private university?

Answer: Japanese university cent is national, public university and private university, private university is each big financial group is contributive the university that run, national, public university is a government contributive education. This year Japanese government to come true " 300 thousand " plan of student studying abroad, read national, public university to have tuitional privilege to the international student. The student studying abroad enters private university but derate the tuition of 30% (annual tuition in 3.5-7 left and right sides of 10 thousand RMBs does not contain artistic unripe) , and enter country, public university criterion but the tuition with derate annual 50%(is in only 20 thousand RMB controls) , the fellowship variety that and country, public university is a student studying abroad offers is quite much.

Ask: How to enter oneself for an examination is Japanese famous brand national, public university?

Answer: Japan's outstanding national, public school is to not be in China commonly of direct recruit students, it is to pass school of native place language to recruit a student studying abroad. Content of the recruit students time with Japanese annual university, examination time, exam is different, if want to enter oneself for an examination famous brand university, chinese student still should enter Japanese character school first in, the student studying abroad that full-time teacher tries to preparing to answer grooms coach, the school work level according to the student, professional orientaton and prospective development are offerred enter oneself for an examination opinion. Japanese character school can be a student studying abroad technically to establish what article, science department takes an exam to should try course, help student enters famous brand college smoothly. Chinese student learns very solidly in high school phase, just want to learn how to attend a few exams that are aimed at a foreigner in Japan in lingustic school, it is not difficult to enter a school.
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