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Study abroad expert: Each country is right China from examinee study abroad poli
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Is self-study exam unripe can you study abroad? What does each country have to differ from the policy of examinee to China? Study abroad from examinee where is crucial point? These problems are the problem that pays close attention to particularly from examinee and its family, study abroad advisory expert refers to this answer.

Popular study abroad country policy is different

According to expert introduction, each country is right China from examinee study abroad policy each are not identical, difficult easy degree differs very big.

The United States: The United States is to study abroad popular country, say to coming from examinee, of the United States study abroad the threshold is very high, and the question with existence difficult application. Graduate student of American normal college admits one of standards, want to gain diploma namely, can choose only otherwise transfer is divided or the 3rd, 4 kinds of universities are read. The curricular result that many university of American admits to China teachs oneself an exam and graduation record of formal schooling, agree with China to teach oneself exam graduate and eligible of partial course result, avoid try enter a school or avoid long part course. Report big, night job is big, big wait for graduate to be able to apply for to assiduously study undergraduate course course only, in study result of home average score should is " fine " above, namely the average score that American study asks " B " above.

Country of the British Commonwealth: Ministry of Education admits and self-study takes an exam or the adult teachs the student of graduation to want only have formal diploma, the country of the British Commonwealth such as England, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia admits mostly. Generally speaking, rise this result that sees a student and the setting that are in the school only, most school asks to have baccalaureate letter, cancel like Australia, New Zealand or add the restriction such as result of working fixed number of year, study, no matter be,still become examinee from examinee, should take a country to teach finally only appoint the bachelor's degree that awards formally, can apply for Australia the graduate student course of a few schools, if obtain,baccalaureate still can apply for the graduate student course of New Zealand.

France: Of China " 5 big " educational system grows up namely exam of education, self-study, report night is big, big, teach by correspondence the record of formal schooling of the university all can be admitted by French Ministry of Education, and can continue in France take advanced courses.

Korea: In Korea, accept age restriction from examinee. Apply for Korea from examinee the biggest question gets namely the limitation of the age, cannot exceed 25 years old commonly. Because of this this year's graduates, or graduate two years the student choice Korea of less than is the most appropriate.

Canada: Offer curricular diversity, chinese Ministry of Education and Canadian Quebec save the agreement that signed concerned each other to identify record of formal schooling, shengkeshen asks domestic specialized subject school of Canadian undergraduate course, home is taken an examination of oneself, into take an examination of record of formal schooling to be approved gradually, canada is offer course of quite a few from examinee, be like certificate course, diploma course, take an examination of specialized subject graduate to be able to apply for to continue to read undergraduate course to perhaps read diploma course to Canada oneself.
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