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Australia studies abroad new policy: Language and security demand relax
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Recently, the author understands from website of government of Australian immigration office, begin from September 1, 2008, australian immigration office is right of Chinese student study abroad visa policy made new adjustment, the language courses visa Chinese student 570, study kind of Master and doctoral course visa 574 with preparatory kind visa of course of blame record of formal schooling the assessment of 575 grade from the grade 4(before namely high risk level) reduce rank 3, so is the adjustment of this one policy specific what benefit good effect is there? Can you study abroad to Australia again what does market of exam of market He Yasai come into being to affect? At this point, the author was interviewed study abroad bright of week of senior advisory adviser brightness the Yao Liqin of business bay of manager and Shanghai and on elegant think of pedagogic Mr. Jiang Hua.

Change one: Read language courses need not elegant consider success

According to newest regulation, visa of courses of language of Chinese student application needs no longer elegant consider success, and need before this elegant think of average branch 5 ability can obtain this kind of visa. The regulation still asks the student is in bay the time of language study cannot little at 30 weeks, but cannot be more than 50 weeks, cannot adjourn more than at most 60 weeks. After and read be over, add autograph cannot apply for in Australian place, must go back to the motherland application.

Profit good impact: This compares difference for those language foundations, the hope raised the Chinese student studying abroad of English quickly below Australian language environment to offer convenience condition; Also suit those hopes to inspect Australia first at the same time, decide the student that whether takes advanced courses further again. Have every week almost as a result of Australian language courses new term begins, add advice note of enter a school of application language courses to need a few weekday and quick Australian electronics to give birth to visa only, accordingly the student goes abroad to begin to read language courses to need very likely to be less than the time of 2 months only in Australia from the decision.

Change 2: Partial bail deposits money period need 3 months only

Since September 1, 2008, application language visa (570) , study kind of Master and doctoral course visa (574) and preparatory kind visa of course of blame record of formal schooling (the applicant of these 3 kinds of visa needs 575) only 3 months assure of gold put period, before this, the applicant needs those who offer 6 months to put period. The basis is newest at the same time policy, the life that applies for to read the student that studies kind of Master and doctoral course to need to offer the first year only reachs those who learn charge to assure gold can.

Profit good impact: Deposit history is full 3 months can give a lot, raised those who apply for capital of family front courtyard to study abroad use efficiency, also reduced application to study abroad the necessity of loan and study abroad the amount of loan interest expenses.
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