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Check is popular the country studies abroad policy changes
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2008 is a not ordinary year, as the Olympic Games conclude smoothly, china already became the state that the whole world fixes eyes on, so studied abroad each 2008 whether does popular country apply for abroad school to there is the change on a few actions to Chinese student? Does popular country study abroad what change did policy produce? Appear again what kind of study abroad trend?

The United States: First what go to the United States to read grinding Chinese student amplitude to reside each country

An investigation that just announces shows, the each country that is admitted goes to number of beautiful graduate student to show growth tendency the 3rd year continuously, among them China goes to the United States to study abroad number amplitude is the biggest.

This findings that upholds by board of American graduate school shows, the Chinese student number that is admitted rose 16% , chinese student studying abroad resides each country to take first place of beautiful student number.

Australia: Move requirement of visa of low China student studying abroad

Emigrate according to Australia a latest news, will rise on September 1 from this year, student of Chinese inland area is gone to bay in student visa, 570574 drop with level of risk of 575 categories visa Level3, belong to moderate risk. And 571572 still be Level4 with 573 categories visa, belong to high risk.

At present the student is handing over visa process in, the mainest distinction depends on risk category assuring to the applicant on golden locking time and security limitation limits. Lev-el3 all compares Level4 in the requirement of these two main fields more comfortable.

In addition, if Chinese student studying abroad prepares to go bay read preparatory, want an applicant to have only elegant consider course of language of 4.5 form a complete set highest 30 weeks (acquiesce is equal elegant the deposit proof that considers 5.5) and 3 months. Learn to be able to continue to apply for undergraduate course visa in Australia. And before September 2008, need is elegant think of assure 6 months keep gold period He Yasai 5 ability are likely visa.

Go to to preparation bay read research kind for the Chinese student studying abroad of Master and doctor, want an applicant to have only elegant think of 6 put with 3 months period the deposit that covers cost of the first year of study proves can, and before, need elegant think of assure 6 months keep gold period square but visa.

England: The school rolls out new major in succession

Study abroad choose what major, affect the way that prospective profession develops. A lot of schools roll out England in succession new major, with the change of society of press close to, but the first choice that traditional strong major remains numerous China student studying abroad.

In the light of the Olympic Games He Shibo is met, a few schools rolled out sports management, meeting to exhibit the major such as management, estate management, basically be to be games and exposition to provide advanced administrative person with ability. Global climate produces change ceaselessly, environmental protection problem made the central point that whole world people pays close attention to jointly. Carbolic management (Carbon Managment) , but the special subject such as durative design also is rolled out for this. Present stock market flourishs one piece, but also put in a lot of not perfect places at the same time. For this, a few universities rolled out England financial maths, develop advanced person with ability for fund company, investment firm, stockjobber. London is center of an international banking, going to England to learn financial maths can be a right choice.
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