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Korea studies abroad new visa program
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If applicant plans,in Korea 90 days of above stop for a long time study abroad (D-2) , language grinds long (the applicant of D-4) , must show the effective visa that admits the school to send you to get hair license (CertificateforConfirmationofVisaIssuance) . Application is factitious in Korea 90 days of above stop for a long time, before applying for visa to consulate, the visa that must get department of Wu of conduction Korea law issues license. Begin from this month, all licence will by " number " replace. After the student sends all materials to ministry of Korea law Wu, law Wu ministry is over in examine and verify the meeting after material this special " number " tell applicant. And applicant needs to be being taken only passport and " number " head for visa to be in application visa. Issue license about conduction visa " number " matters concerned, the student can seek advice with the school connection of Korea. Accordingly, application visa place needs material to simplify for: Visa application form 2 pieces, photograph 2 pieces, passport, Id, visa issues license number.