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Study abroad Canada: of E of Jian magpie
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Study abroad visa rate rises

Although Canada is immigrant big country, but study abroad visa is bad however to do, go a few years, of Canada study abroad visa basically is maintained into power in 60% the left and right sides, far 92% under the United States. This also makes a when a lot of students abandon Canada and choose the United States main reason. This year the beginning of the year, canada goes to the attune on visa rate 76% the left and right sides.

Work policy legalization

Since May 16, 2006, canadian government works outside school of student studying abroad legalization. After the curricular study that full-time of public institution of higher learing completes 6 months in school student, can apply for to work licence, but work every week time must not exceed 20 hours, there is limitation during having a holiday. Study abroad after policy is promulgated, chinese student still can enjoy Canadian minimum wage to guarantee a system. Have the industry with technical special skill or knowledge or labour force big gap, salary will be higher.

Gao Fuli causes emigrant heat

Every year numerous person is developing the welfare system such as education of Canada's high quality provide for the aged, medical treatment, children to deal with immigrant.

Study abroad work after policy comes on stage, student outside school works not only can accumulate working experience, attainable still work the lawful recommendation of the unit and outstanding achievement proof. And before this, outside school of Chinese student do sth without authorization works when applying for a job formally, accumulates working experience is not approved, and once fish, may be compelled to leave school, repatriation. The student studies abroad now Canada, graduation hind can win working visa delay of two years, the student is in these two years, want to find the job to be able to apply for immigrant in Canada only.