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The expert unscrambles in the round: Portion around Australia studied abroad in
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In August the middle ten days of a month, australia studies abroad after ceaselessly the message says, need not take an examination of again elegant thought of, this is the masses actually announce those who carry out to will be adjusted since September 1, 2008 to Australia immigration office study abroad of new policy guess. Now, the content of new policy is announced already formally, be aimed at this new policy, the reporter interviewed an expert, asked him to be made to the content of new policy unscramble in the round.

One. Is the adjustment of new policy basically reflected in what respect?

The expert says: Study abroad this the adjustment of policy is local, those who be aimed at is among them the student of a few categories and whole world 52 countries. To China, basically be made to the application policy of 3 kinds of students adjust: One kind is the student that separate application goes to reading language courses, the 2nd kind is to read university preparatory or the bridge course student that is not project of record of formal schooling, the 3rd kind is to point to explain read the student that studies kind of Master above record of formal schooling. To the visa requirement of these students, reduce somewhat in new policy. Specific for, in new policy, the visa these a few kinds of students applies for the high risk that from examination 4 class extremely high risk reduces 3 level.

The expert reminds say, new policy is to be in not just elegant the requirement that considers an aspect is adjusted somewhat, it is very important to still have is right economy assures the policy of this respect is loosened. For the student of category of high to 3 class risk, assure in bankroll what the student of category of extremely high risk that this respect nature compares 4 level comes is comfortable, the incorporate limitation in security respect, e.g. , the economic security of original China student can be parents only, grandfather grandma, grandfather grandmother, spouse, brotherly sister, still have have Australia or the uncle aunt of New Zealand identity, and apply for these a few kinds of visa now, can allow other one to make your security, include a friend, as long as they are willing and capable. Still have even if from 6 months put period requirement, drop 3 months, this also offerred advantage to a lot of families.

2. Need not elegant think of study abroad Australia, how to understand?

From the content above, can see, cancel elegant the student that considers what the requirement can apply for to only one kind reads language courses, not all cancel, reduced namely at most elegant consider a requirement. Application goes reading the student of the language, cannot exceed 50 weeks at most, australia must leave after be being read. Because this cannot understand actually to study abroad from now on Australia need not elegant thought of.

3. Of new policy carry out pair of Australia to study abroad what kind of effect does the market have?
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