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Application studies abroad England or Australia is elegant think of have achieve
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Education of British embassy culture is in offerred newest data to make clear, elegant think of the examinee number that is in China to present ascendant trend, annual shared more than 210 thousand person last year to take an examination, the candidate for an entrance examination that has 91% among them attended learning kind (A kind) elegant think of an exam, what the examinee of 9% attends is to groom kind (G kind) exam. Elegant think of achievement period of efficacy to be 2 years, but each school is accepted elegant the period of efficacy that think of differs somewhat, more different to the requirement of achievement. Our newspaper interviewed relevant expert, those who ask them to introduce the person that partial country school is asked to Yu Shen is elegant think of achievement to ask.

England is read grind to ask 6 minutes commonly above

In recent years, england learns to proofread each elegant corrector requirement has unplug tall trend. Jinjilie studies abroad standing vice-president Chen Lu happy tell a reporter, although differ,the different major of the university differs somewhat to the requirement of every student, have individual business school besides elegant think of demand GMAT result even, but, if want to apply for the Master course of British university, most school is right elegant the requirement that consider wants 6.5 minutes at least; Of requirement lowest is a project mostly kind professional, also want to achieve 6 minutes; And a few top universities no matter what major can ask elegant think of 7 minutes of above. The demand that legal major reachs total cent to writing is higher, project kind relatively a few lower, language kind ask with business division about the same, the work that the university that always has a demand to writing and major are writing normally is more.

And for the high school graduate to home, if want to go to England attending a college, want to read A-LEVEL and preparatory first commonly, so the requirement of antonym character is 5.0~5.5 cent mostly, if do not have language achievement, can read language class first, the language that perhaps attends the school checks. Now besides elegant outside thinking of, by the test of the test that extensive approbatory language checks a few schools to still have Hua Wei university and school interior, and the 46 class of Chinese home are not admitted commonly. To Chinese student, those who check qualification is elegant considering success is not a too hard work, but went to England truly whether the problem such as the lecture speed that gets used to British teacher, pronunciation still is an unknown, because this suggests conditional student shifts to an earlier date,two months go to England acclimatization, this butt joint comes down to listen the class is very helpful.

Australian part school asks Yasaida arrives 7 minutes

Australia has universities of 8 5 stars class, all be famous university, the world ranks 70 less than. As a whole, the much of 8 names school is professional to elegant the requirement that considers a mark all follows average level, but be based on professional requirement, school the many sided element such as situation of force of quality of orientation of rank, school, education, persons qualified to teach, obtain employment, to the language the requirement of achievement can differ somewhat. And the university beyond universities of these 8 5 stars class, generally speaking besides the part professional outside strong orientation, the others is major course to elegant the requirement that consider also follows average level. Da Heng studies abroad Liu Yuyong of couplet banquet president tells a reporter, generally speaking, chinese student goes to Australia to read TAFE (professional technology teachs a college) , need is achieved elegant think of 5.5 minutes; Read undergraduate course directly, need is achieved elegant think of 6.0~6.5 cent; Direct read a graduate student (Q) , need is achieved elegant think of 6.5~7.0 cent; Read " preparatory + undergraduate course " , need is achieved elegant think of 5.5 minutes; Read " undergraduate course of quick course + is old 2 " , need is achieved elegant think of 5.5 minutes. In addition, notable is, some are professional stronger course and direction, protect a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, law, medicine, education, medium, interpreter to wait for example, compare with the professional look such as computer of project of popular business division, general meeting requirement is elegant think of achievement to compare tall 0.5~1 of average score line to divide, read undergraduate course to need to achieve 6.5 minutes namely, read a graduate student to need 7 minutes taller perhaps. Additional, notable is, each university is right elegant the requirement that considers success also is changing ceaselessly, for example the course of Master of partial business division of university of Mo Na assorted, already will elegant think of a requirement to rise.
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