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New Zealand studied abroad 2008 guideline
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Fundamental general situation

New Zealand is located in ministry of Australian mainland southeast, it is Oceanian insularity. Land the earth's surface accumulates kilometer of two hundred and seventy thousand five hundred square. Population is made an appointment with three million eight hundred and twenty-five thousand seven hundred. Protestantism of Christ of dweller much believe in and Catholic. Official language is English. Belong to temperate zone maritime climate. Average air temperature: The summer is centigrade 20 degrees or so, winter is centigrade 12 degrees or so. Economically with farming animal husbandry is given priority to, belong to a developed country. Gross domestic product restrains fifty-two billion five hundred and sixty-six million dollar. Capital benefit spirit pauses. New Zealand is an emigrant country, the land settlement policy of New Zealand encourages a student studying abroad to apply for immigrant, the student studying abroad's record of formal schooling can win the requirement that imposes cent not to need the job to experience when application is emigrant. New Zealand welcome can be a country to make contribution have quite the technology or record of formal schooling, person application that can build business or undertakes financial investment is emigrant. The family of New Zealand reunites policy allows a countryman its near area lives to New Zealand.

System of education

New Zealand has perfect educational system and top-ranking education quality. Ever was regarded as one of first-rate educational system on the world. New Zealand government sets: 6, person of 16 years old must accept education of middle and primary school. The higher education of New Zealand accepts the educational system that is bordering on England, by institute of university, technology (contain normal school institute) reach with pedagogic courtyard private groom the 4 parts composition such as the orgnaization. The university includes undergraduate course (bachelor) , course of Master, doctor's degree. This science makes 3 years; The Master is general 2 years; The doctor is average 3 years. Technical institute basically offers the education of industry and professional skill respect and training course to foster of all kinds professional, eductional systme is 3 years commonly. Private groom the course that the orgnaization offers diversification for the student, include English, higher education and vocational training to wait. Implement stretch educational system commonly.

New Zealand has 8 universities, 25 technical institutes, 5 teach a college, many 2800 national middle and primary school and linguistics of a few private institution of higher learing, education orgnaization and English school. The educational level of New Zealand enjoys very tall great reputation in the world. Study abroad the curricular study that New Zealand enters approvals board of qualification of New Zealand learning to approbate, finish school person all can gain diploma of the world's accepted record of formal schooling, its record of formal schooling also is approbated by our country place. The school year of New Zealand university mostly by will begin to come to will end in December in Feburary. Every school year divides 3 semester. The first semester comes from Feburary the a week May; The 2nd semester from May the bottom comes by August; The 3rd semester from September the first ten days of a month comes in December. Each university is in commonly annual in Feburary bottom or term begins at the beginning of March, the exam is in end of the year in October or will undertake in November.
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