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Application New Zealand studies abroad condition
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Want to enter study of university undergraduate course, applicant to must be in an university of Chinese home that the country approbates to learn one grade course, return additionally external must issue English ability proof. A lot of foreign country students enter New Zealand high school to learn, namely Forms5 - 7 grade, enter university study in order to prepare. Current, besides Lincoln university and college of Oakland grain industry, 6 universities are the others the student studying abroad offerred university foundation course. These curricular by a definite date a year, aim to enter New Zealand college for foreign student study plan preparation. Its recruit students is good to seeming those English, and high school is finished in home and the student that New Zealand university can enter to learn after the hope passes study of a year.

Technical institute

Applicant must issue English ability proof and admirable high school result, ability plays diploma of school of advanced technology specialized subject and graduation card (Polytechnic Certificate And Diploma) curricular study, the student that hopes to learn course of degree of the engineering college in New Zealand manage must pass stipend of New Zealand university to take an exam (New Zealand Bursary) . Or the foreign country of the same educational level takes an exam, and have certain English level, namely IELTS lowest 6 minutes, TOEFL lowest 550 minutes.

Middle school

If quota of people allows, the middle school of New Zealand normally annual recruit students, the student can be in a year any time enter a school. If the student wants to attend university stipend to take an exam when Form7 grade, so he had better learn 3 years in New Zealand middle school, or a school of New Zealand language learns preexistence con English course, learn two years in the middle school of New Zealand again. Such doing basically is to mix English ability the level that raises enough to take an examination to the savvy of course.

English requirement

The English that learns college courses student must achieve acceptable standard. Because some course use English to give lessons, the student should have good English to say, keep capability, ability gains a success on school work.
School of most New Zealand offers English to train course with a lot of private English schools, make the student reachs the English level that standard of enter a school sets. A lot of New Zealand school offer the preparative course that takes an exam through TOEFL and IELTS, and the course that English takes advanced courses.
To learning the student of degree course, level of grade of English enter a school is TOEFL most bottom 550 minutes, IELTS lowest 6 minutes.